Disc overy

A teaser/test-footage/ship reveal for the new Star Trek show, Discovery, was shown at, you guessed right, the currently happening SDCC.

I like he the rather angular look. Anybody else getting a Bird Of Prey vibe?
I’m looking forward to new Trek on the “small” screen. German tv-station Tele5 is having us german speaking central europeans covered with TNG, DS9 and Voyager, and while all of those are a delight[1] a crew that gets to discover all the wonders space has to offer for a second time and add new things to it is a thing i’m looking forward to.
And Bryan Fuller will surely deliver something remarkable[2].

[1] i have a massive black spot in my DS9 education, so it’s great to be surpirsed by something younthought you knew loke the back of your hand
[2] and with Star Trek in the title, chances are good it will last longer than two seasons


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