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Asteroids In Exile ep.11 – Richard Jokes

Niv and i assembled to celebrate our show’s one year anniversary and talk about Batman amongst other pop-cultural relevant things. But it is the world’s greatest detective that we always end up talking about.

You find the episode here, and our feed lives here.


Terminator Genisys Movie – Official Trailer 2 – YouTube

Terminator Genisys Movie – Official Trailer 2 – YouTube:

This trailer surprised me.
In my mind the idea of this movie and its planned sequels looks like a few Executives in robes dancing around the remains of a broken Terminator to resurrect it instead of getting the guys with the practical technical knowledge.

Perhaps the trailer is a red herring and the actual movie is about the rebellion sending someone back, waiting for ten minutes, take a look out of the window, formulate the next plan, send the next one back and so on while Yaketi Sax is played muffled in the background.