Star Wars toy report: Captain Phasma

What do we know about Captain Phasma?
She seems to hold a high position in the First Order’s military structure. She seems to be a very confident/experienced warrior and she owns one of the most iconic armors that will surely rival the high profile of Darth Vader’s.

With all the other characters we’re seeing on the shelves, i wonder how big her role will be and how much screentime she will get.

Lets start with the two figures of her i own at the time of writing this:

Hasbro 3.75 inch version

The sculpt is great like on all the other figures. The armor is a bit bulkier than that of the regular Stormtrooper and she seems more menacing than them also.

I like the helmet design in particular. The jaw reminds me of a beak which makes me think of her as a mother swan surrounded by her offspring when she is around the stormtroopers.

The cape is a great touch. It only aids in discerning her from the troops and gives her a regal aura.
I wonder if those are patches or bags. A theory of mine is that they are bags for small items, because patches would change how the cape falls more noticeable.

Phasma wields a blaster that so far i’ve only seen on the black series Snowtroopers, but in another colour.

Like with the Stormtrooper, you can clip the blaster to her upper thigh, but this time i hinders the movement of the right arm.

There are small paint errors on the cape, but one can always justify them with wear and tear (or just get off his lazy bum and paint them).

Disney Store figure set version>

The posing and paintjob of this figure is great. It reminds me of greek statues and enhances her dangerous/regal aura.
The way she holds her blaster looks so great. It screams confidence.

The cape on this version has a few handling marks, but what i’m curious about is why this version only has one patch/bag on it? Coincidence? Error? Continuity?

I tried to emphasize the posing and paint in this photo. Really dig this figure, but i’m not sure if i would buy the whole set again to get her, or try and get a single figure from a third party.

read: Star Wars: Shattered Empire no.1 (2015)

As much as new Star Wars products excite me these days, it is all just a big placeholder to keep us occupied until episode VII comes out.
It is only the first issue, introducing us to the characters through whom we’ll experience this story of "it’s not finished yet" and might be related to a character from ep.7, but it all feels a bit stale. Greg Rucka will surely deliver a solid story, i have no doubt about that, i just wish we could see more of the new movie.
Artwise it is a solid issue.
All in all not much to complain about, as always, a bit expensive for what we’re getting.

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read: Star Wars no.6 (2015)

Boba Fett should keep his mouth shut. He is the most annoying thing in this series. He doesn’t feel like a confident bounty hunter but a guy who stars in a scripted reality show.
Otherwise i dig the issue. The big Solo reveal fits, Kenobi’s journals feel odd but lets see what they bring.
The art is more consistent in this issue.

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