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*Friday, time to share some links. Some i do comment, some not. Some lead to german internet presences.

# What does R2D2 actually say in Star Wars. Kind of.

# “Fewer Books, Better Books, Cheaper Books!” – Florida Retailer Talks Marvel Comics
I certainly don’t agree with everything stated in the text, but the sales number comparison sure is interesting to look at.

# Four Curious Names Are in ‘Kong: Skull Island’ End Credits!
Seriously, Spoilers!!

# Schall und Rauch und vieles mehr (german)
I’ve never realized that the blind librarian in The Name Of The Rose is referencing Jorge Luis Borges.

# Over 100+ Pictures of New Hasbro Transformers Figures
Soooo, Trypticon….what does the secondary market charge for Metroplex these days?

# “Gymnasts In Pyjamas” – Letters To The Editor About Batman And Superman
Hmm, i understand the point. But we are so deep in the rabbit hole that i feel like it doesn’t matter anymore.

# Toy Fair 2017: Super7
As much as i dig the animated Masters Of The Universe figures, the Robotech and Shogun ReAction figures peaked my interest. My Dad bought me vinyl figures of Roy Fokker’s Valkyrie and Mazinger that i lost on a field trip, and the reaction asthetic reminds me of them.

# Karen Berger, Dark Horse, Launch “Berger Books”
This probably means that we get even more good books. Comics are becoming more expensive every month it seems.

# Toys Spoil Everything!! Marvel Legends Two-Pack Reveals Kurt Russell in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’!
That Kurt Russel figure looks so neat.

# Eternal Empire, The New Comic By Sara Vaughn And Jonathan Luna, From Image In May
Alex & Ada was already one of my favourite comics of the last few years, so i’ll be on board for the first few issues.

# The foxes of London
Didn’t know that foxes are a “common” sight there.

# Creating Jehda and Scarif for Rogue One

# Bandai: S.H. Figuarts Star Wars C–3PO and R2-D2 Promotional Images and Info
Good thing i sat out the Mafex releases of those two. It’s not like there aren’t any S.H. Figuarts figures in the world that owners aren’t happy with, but so far i’ve been treated well by their Star Wars releases and therefore am stocked for my favourite droids.

# DC Comics To Do To Looney Tunes What They’ve Done To Hanna-Barbera, From ComicsPRO (UPDATE)
The Hanna Barbera comics that DC put out were amazing so far; i guess because my expectations weren’t very high, but frankly, this seems like it could cross the line.

# More Hasbro Marvel Roleplay, Finally I can Wear A Star Lord Helmet To Work
I would wear it to work! Two opportunities with fasching and halloween.

# Is Marvel Working on a Secret ‘Namor’ Project?
I guess Namor would work better in a Fantastic Four sequel but a Netflix show about him could work. But with the rather careful approach to world building that Marvel is taking the time doesn’t seem right.

# Ten Meter Tower
A nice 16 minute long documentary about people who are about to jump from the ten metre tower. As a person who’s scared of heights and nearly drowned in a public pool it feels like a horror film to me.

# Funko Brings Us More Batman 66 Including Action Figures (Now With More Batmobile!)
I’m in for the action figures.

New weeks, new infos/ rumors about The Batman:
# The Batman Negotiations With Matt Reeves Break Down As He Wants To Make A Good Movie


Seems i like the Star Wars Centerpiece figures

When i hear the announcement about the “reboot” of the Star Wars Unleashed figures, this time under the Centerpiece brand.
Looking at the promotional image of Luke Skywalker in his flightsuit from Empire, lightsaber in hand stepping over the foot of a fallen AT-AT, i was reminded of how much i liked the Unleashed series back in the days, but ultimately let them go. has photos from Toy Fair 2017 that shows how two of the Centerpiece figures look like combined with the regular six inch figures from The Black Series; and that ignited a sense of symphathy for them in my inner collector.

But with the onslaught of products that will be released due to the 40th anniversary of A New Hope and all the unknown things that will swim in on the tidal wave that is Episode VIII collectors like memight have to prioritize even more than we’re used to.