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[read] The Omega Men tpb (2017)

With the Tom King train on full speed, i decided to check out Omega Men, which i ignored during it’s publication in single issues.
That title left me devastated, like any other King title, but the path to that final punch in the nuts is a fascinating one. The lines that are usuaally drawn in heavily pigmented black ink isn’t clearly defined, and in the middle of the fog of war is Kyle Raynor; trying to navigate the grey zone as well as possible.
The artwork further drives the point across that no one in this comic is acting out of true altruism. Everything seems to have taken a short bath in a black wash that won’t come off.


comic reviews [31/2016]

Ms. Marvel no.9 (2016)


A lot of Marvel titles are making Captain Marvel’s precog determined arrests a topic, and while i can see ex-SHIELD personel being on board because they have witnessed some shit over time and need more time to process, the kids in Ms. Marvel march to the drums because they get to use their powers to do good. And oftentimes they want to do their job a bit to good.
The people that get hurt here aren’t fortunate enough to have had their name on a cover in recent time, it’s the mostly regular janes and joes suffering for the greater good.

Lucky Luke Homage 1: Der Mann der Lucky Luke erschoß (2016)


Not being able to read the french original i got the german translation. It captures the spirit of the classic comics, but Matthieu Bonhomme’s art, leaving out the Dalton brothers, injecting a drop of A Fistful Of Dollars as well as giving nostalgia a character lets the book feel modern despite the classic dressing of the cover.
I’ll ask my Dad if he could lend me his collection so i can give my memories a new coat of paint.

Giant Days no.17 (2016)


This issue reminded me of the years spent hunting for a job that could “secure” my future for a while. No matter how legit people made things out to be, i was participating in dubious matters and my silence was bought rather than my work compensated.
Long way to say: i enjoy the book. Story and artwise its another great example of the John Allison brand of entertainment being a hyper realistic look into how we imagine the world to be.

Paper Girls no.8 (2016)


I don’t know how Mr. Vaughn does it. “Nothing” is happening, but you’re looking forward to more.

Black Science no.23 (2016)


Black Science stays as awesome as ever. Even if Grant’s monologues get on ones nerves, it makes the stress situation he’s in more authentic. He’s not better, his focus just shifted to trying to make everything right.

Superman no.4 (2016)


So far except for Aquaman, Rebirth has been a disappointment. But this issue managed to get the Superman feeling going. Seeing Clark and his son work together is a joy to watch. Supes finally taking on the role that was his from the beginning is an actual progress.

Klaus no.7 (2016)


The perfect comic to read with your loved ones once the holidays come around. I immensely enjoyed this title and am looking forward to see what Morisson does with the Easter Bunny.
But seriously, the Superman iconography in this issue make it a festive treat. Oh, and aliens are responsible for everything of course.

Aquaman no.4 (2016)


My favourite Rebirth title. This issue might have gone a rather foreseeable way it feels like finally something is done with the character. And that is something that i miss with the relaunch. Not that nobody is trying, but here it feels like a path has been mapped out.

all photos taken for review purposes, copyriht lies with the repective woners

comic reviews 1/2016

  • Rumble no.10 (2015)
  • Justice League no.46 & 47 (2015)
  • Giant Days no.10 (2016)
  • Mythic no.6 (2016)
  • Weirdworld no.1 (2015)
  • Human Soup no.1 (2016)

Rumble no.10 (2015)


Once Rumble has the reader in its grip, there is no letting go.
This issue plays to all the strenghts if the title. There is some foul language, some violence but despite the rough nature, every character is not devoid of emotion and agency. With the number of issues, another layer of this world gets peeled back and reveals another grey zone in a world that seemed black and white a few issues ago.

Justice League no.46 & .47 (2015)


Big Barda and Mister Miracle? I’m in.
It is so good to see thhe two back. The whole Darkseid War story is a bit lackluster, not even Batron can change that, but seeing my favourite couple in comics together again brings joy to my heart.

Giant Days no.10 (2016)


Giant Days either works or is does not. This issue worked. Perfectly. It’s paced good and balances humor and “seriousness” so one does not overtake the other, but go hand in hand.

Mythic no.6 (2016)


Hopefully the numbers add up for Mythic. After a rather slow start, this title made it very high on the “keep an eye out for”-list. Now it feels like a title Vertigo could have published alongside its classics.
The main story is cut short in favor of a backup about Agent Waterson’s past, as was the case in the issue before, but it is needed to setup events.
As mentioned before, i’m afraid this title’s run could be cut short because of a lack of exposure, but it is worth your time if you liked Hellblazer or Fables.

Weirdworld no.1 (2015)


More Mike Del Mundo Weirdworld!
The writing duties of this post Secret Wars run are handled by Sam Humphries who crafted an engaging narrative to bring us back into Weirdworld through a set of new eyes.

Human Soup no.1 (2016)


A 24 hour comic by John Allison that tells the story of John, who lost his swimming-pool locker wristband and a thight schedule thatrequires him to retrieve it as fast as possible.
It’s short and sweet and reminded me of the stressful times i had in public pools.

all screenshots taken for review purposes,
image © lies with the respective owners

Comic Reviews no.42/52 (2015)

  • Paper Girls no.1 (2015)
  • Star Wars: Shattered Empire no.2 (2015)
  • Star Wars: Shattered Empire no.3 (2015)
  • Secret Wars no.6 (2015)
  • Invincible Iron Man no.1 (2015)

Paper Girls no.1 (2015)

What a twist!
But I’m getting ahead of myself, this comic is far better than I anticipated. The characters are fleshed out within a few pages, Cliff Chiang’s artwork is great, although I was under the impression that Chris Bachalo was drawing it and was a bit confused at first.
I really enjoyed the issue. Although it is set in the 80s it feels contemporary (because the female part of humankind could still be treated better) and there is the mentioned twist at the end that has me look forward to issue 2..

Star Wars: Shattered Empire no.2 (2015)

So it is confirmed. And I fear for the life of Poe’s parents.
The Emperor is starting his back up plan, and the first target is his homeworld where Leia and Shara Bey are located.
The artwork is a great. There is a spread with a fight scene within a city that shows that the empire is still a force to be reckoned with.
Looking forward to the next issue.

Star Wars: Shattered Empire no.3 (2015)

After the last panel of this issue i see a big twist coming in issue three. Greg Rucka won’t allow this kind of happiness….
I hear some complaints about this series, but it is clear that they won’t map out episode VII in this one. And what about all the other supplemental material that grants us a quick fix until the movie comes out?
I’m enjoying this series. All the tie in titles Marvel puts out are at least good in my opinion , and this is no exception.

Secret Wars no.6 (2015)

I like the small facial features that are sprinkled all over this title.
This issue is another set-up for the big finale. But I must say, Doom is a bit inconsistent. He is paving the way to his downfall. Or is he?
Nonetheless I’m still digging the title and am looking forward to see how we get to the all-new all-different Marvel universe.

Invincible Iron Man no.1 (2015)

Seems like this is THE TITLE of the all new all different Marvel universe. It sure looks great, but, yeah….Fractions run on that book was so neat that I’m having a hard time liking anything that came afterwards.

Comic Reviews week 40/2015

  • Rasputin no.9 (2015)

Rasputin no.9 (2015)

To get the obvious out of the way, Riley Rossmo artwork -> awesome!
Rasputin is back for revenge and we get a glimpse into the backstory of one of his murderers.
Again, i like the muted colour palette that is used to tell us that a segment isn’t set in the present. It enhances the magical/mythical nature of the story. The essay at the end about the assassinations of presidental canditates/presidents of the USA was neat because earlier today i saw a documentary about Theodor Roosevelt.

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Comic reviews 39/52

  • Star Wars no.9 (2015)
  • All-New Hawkeye no.5 (2015)
  • Shutter no.15 (2015)
  • Spider-Verse no.5 (2015)
  • Ivar, Timewalker no.9 (2015)
  • Inhumans – Attilan Rising no.5 (2015)
  • Weirdworld no.4 (2015)
  • Over The Garden Wall no.2 (2015)
  • He-Man – Eternity War no.10 (2015)
  • Rumble no.7 (2015)

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