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vol 99

Thuesday night i read an article about the alterations made to Superman II[1]. In the back of my head my mind rattled down a list of movies that we’re probablynever going to see redone in that way. The only thing i came up with was Rogue One – A Star Wars Story.
I’m aware that the reshoots for this movie are nothing exceptional. But how would Gareth Edward’s true vision for it looked like. Because while he is fit to illustrate Star Wars directing is not his strong suit. And with a weak story like Rogue One’s a firmer hand would have helped[2].
Enter Ron Howard.
Phil Lord and Chris Miller, they were the only reason to look forward to the Han Solo movie[3]. They’re brand of sugar rush movies would have been an interesting thing to see. Reading that director Colin Trevorrow and Lucasfilm decided to part ways on the production of Episode IX is a move that makes me hope for a better movie. I only know him from Jurrasic World, but that movie wouldn’t have been as well received if it came out before Guardians Of The Galaxy.

No director plans to do a bad job. And with Star Wars they wouldn’t; it’s a thing you can put in your resume with the boldest font known to mankind. But i think it was Kenneth Branagh who said on the commentary for Thor:

This job is like an audiobook. You are hired to read it not to write it.

And that is something we see in video games too. The recipes are almost the same the seasoning is different. There is a rumor that Lucasfilm is not interested in working with "fresh" directors anymore. But the thing is: should there be directors cast for Marvel and Star Wars movies anymore? Could they be Lead Designers in that regard?
How come that Rian Johnson has sailed the directorial ship through the waters of Lucasfilm without any noteworthy troubles? Because he is a filmmaker with a unique sense of humor and vision. i'd rather thought he'd part over differences. The difference between him and Mr. Treverrow could be the lengths they are willing to walk (away).

[1] Sequart.org – Remembering and Celebrating Superman II – The Richard Donner Cut
[2] Recently i had a very civilized conversation with a person about how the “prequel” novel and the novelization of Rogue One helped the movie, but my opposite in that talk never even considered that there are people who’d have needed that knowledge to be conveyed in the cinema.
[3] And Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian. But i’d rather see a Lando movie directed by Lord Miller. Perhaps even with the idea from the expanded universe that Lando was considered as a template for the clone army because it would have goven us the opportunity to see Billy Dee Williams alongside Donald Glover!


Forked Friday II

vol 98

I was the third person to enter the local TRU on this Force Friday. The third of eight, we were four couples where the men were the reasons for being there.
I did not get any bonus out of my placement because it seems like they already had the stuff out for either a day or a while. Three full complements of Black Series figures were out, which is kind of amazing, and of course the 3.75″ figures that we will find caseloads of in a few years; namely Rose, ….her sister the Gunner….Paige (who could forget her), ol’ pasty face Hux, Chewbacca and 3PO. Chewbacca has a Porg (resistance is futile!) in the blister! Why does nobody buy him? I’m just glad that customers seem to dislike Hux the most, nothing like the Finn-cident from two years ago[1].
I picked up a Black Series Hera figure to complete my Rebels set and all of the 3.75″ figures. Trying to get the figures from the online presence of the local TRU wasn’t a good idea, because they were sold out of everything except Hux again. But what bummed me out is: The new gimmick of the toy line borrows from the Phantom Menace one, place the figures near an extra accessory and it plays phrases and sounds in accordance to the figure or vehicle; Hasbro calls it Force Link[2], and while every figure has the logo of the cashgrab as big as the franchise logo on the figures packaging, the thing was not available in store or online. I even saved up enough money to get the BB-8 Stardestroyer set that comes with the Force Link glove at a ridiculous high price but that wasn’t on shelves as well. Not even the new Lego sets were there. And this feeds into a discussion that came up at work a few days ago: why are local businesses struggling? Because i bought the damn Force Link set from Amazon and then went to an ebay seller from the states that from time to time helps me out with getting Star Wars related figures and bought a whole case of 3.75″ figures and the two pack sets for the price that the figures from the case would have cost at TRU with shipping and import tax.

I’m aware this is all superfluous and i’m ashamed that i spend so much energy on the topic and anger leads to hate and so on, but i don’t get it, even if kids are done with toys, i walked in there willing to spend a lot of money and all i get is “uhhhh, nobody wants this shit, go away and buy it somewhere else”.

BUT there was a highlight! When the cashier, an asian woman, picked up the Rose figure she took a closer look and said “She looks like me.” to which i answered: “isn’t it awesome?” and we both smiled and went our ways.

Sorry, i had to vent.
I wanted to look like the Lego advert guy who really digs his 800 euro Millennium Falcon. He surely thinks something like “This is it guys, i’m never using my arms for anything other than keeping this baby save.” Look at his eyes and his mouth, he’s determined but happy.


Thank You for Your time!
Stay cosmic!

[1] the Finn-cident
[2] we call it “they took away the extra weapons to make the figures a buck cheaper but earn 29 more with this thing that we totally need because we’re afraid to miss out”

trying to say “no”

Tomorrow isRogue Friday“, the official start date for a new selection of Star Wars related products, this time centered around the next movie in the franchise, Rogue One, to be put on the market.
Last year i spent a ridicolous amount of money on toys and books, but this year i’m trying to keep myself in check.

This year i’m focussing on the droid, K2SO,the 3.75” figure line and the artbook for Rogue One. The six inch Black Series line has been dissapointing for in the last couple of months. They are hard to come by here in austria and somehow the five points of articulation don’t feel as restrictive as many people are complaining about.

Lets see if my plan works or if i turn into a mindless shopping drone once i’m in a toy store.

[review] Star Wars day pt.2: Episode VII review

Before i start, i must apologize. I falsely assumed that this post was already made official last year, but it still sat there in WordPress’s Draft section. With a new Star Wars movie on it’s way to the theatre screens, and the fact that i saw Episode VII four more times since i wrote this post the first time, i thought perhaps it is a good time to get “nostalgic” and talk about the start of the “new” Star Wars movies.
Continue reading [review] Star Wars day pt.2: Episode VII review

[personal] vol.82

## droid butt ##

Collecting is a thing that has been passed down to me by my Grandfather. He collected coins, stamps, newspapers, military regalia, Elastolin figuren[1] , beer mats, books and a slew of other things.
After he died, my Grandmother sold the various collections, and thus the veil was lifted from a fact that most hobbyists ignore: it is worth the most to the collector.
My Grandfather spent a lot of time talking about the monetary value of each of his collections. I liked to listen to him talk about it because it was not only about the money, he tried to teach me about the history of each of the things and through them talk about his life[2]. My best guess is that this is why some create, some collect, some aren’t interested in either and others do both, we like to tell stories. In those stories that we put on shelves, light in a pleasing manner, arrange, trade, hoard, photograph, use, play with or just carry around with us, we put in a piece of our innermost selves. But that also means growth, and a constantly growing collection can become a burden, not only for the collector but for the (significant) others in his life. And also for the collection itself if it keeps growing without proper curation.
I feel bad for taking up so much space in our flat, but frankly, i don’t see it. It became part of life and the selective blindness that comes with it.
That is why i have decided to give some of the stuff away for just the costs of getting it to the person who raised his hand first and whatever that person is willing to give further. Now i have to get myself to cataloging the items[3] and then put them online….

I wrote about it on my blog as well, which reads like one of those lifestyle/declutter/enlightenment-bullshit pieces, where someone tells you about the happiness gained by giving away the things you can easily buy with the cash you have one the side through whatever means once you need it again[4]. I’m deeply enamored by consumerism, so fear none of that from me.

[1] miniatures of native americans (or as we knew them indians), cowboys, knights as well as popular figures from those groups of people like Winnetou or Prince Valiant. look at a few of them here. we bought this one for a colleague who is a magician when it comes to wrangle cables into submission
[2] Of course i only heard half of it and now feel like an idiot for doing so.
[3] 4000 single issues of comics alone….
[4] of course there are exceptions, but i’ve encountered a lot of bullshit artists that preach fasting while feasting on others without their bullshit philosophy wouldn’t work out.

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the weakest link

#The Cybertronic Spree is a cover band made up of Transformers. Great cosplay and neat music. i’m obsessed. Their YouTube is a treasure trove.

#MyKaiju juxtaposed the lyrics from the soundtrack of he latest Toho helmed Godzilla movie, Shin Godzilla, with stills from the first Godzilla movie. Powerful stuff that reminds one that Godzilla originally was a story about more than just a giant monster but human nature and that when nature wants you gone, all you can do is tip your hat and leave.

#MyKaiju posted an article about what to expect and what not to expect of Toho’s latest movie in the series, Shin Godzilla.
I anticipated the movie to take Godzilla’s role back to being a manifestation of humanities struggle with nature and how we are building the engines of our own undoing with the best of intents. And how those intents have an effect on others.
I fear those efforts might be lost to a western audience once the movie is released in october.

#The Book About Everything – Reading Alan Moore’s Jerusalem
Haven’t even read through the first ten pages of Against The Day yet, so i guess there is no place for another book of similar size in my life.

#Kickstarting Lotus Dimension, a pacifist RPG
I’m all for peaceful co-existence, but please let my barbarian slay those goblins and feast on meat.

#Be Careful When You Take Off Your Doom Patrol #1 Taco
In case you want to keep the issue in good condition.

#Darkthrone Frontman accidentally elected to local town councilman.

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Heliocentric Bullshit-the blog

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Thank You for Your time!
Have a great week!

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After changing my phone’s battery without big problems i was sure the Wife’s personal media player would be an equally easy affair due to them being similarly constructed. But once we had pried it open, it became apparent that i was wrong.

[rambling] reaching a limit

Over the last twenty years i have built a large comic and toy collection. There are larger/better curated collections in the homes of other people, but collections are a mirror or extension of the collector and thus should be treated as “living things”, influenced by external circumstances. In the years i spent building my mirror/extension, i felt a certain joy with every piece that i added, and pride when i gazed upon the filled shelves.
But lately another feeling got added to it: doubt. Not about if i want to have all those things in my possession, but rather if i need them. I believe in getting superfluous things and enjoying them for what they are. And i believe there is a point at which the collector becomes superfluous because the focus shifted from curating to amassing. And while i’m also fine with wild growth in a collection, it also lifts the veil on something that is easily overlocked during the hunt: the spacial limitations.
A limit i passed so long ago, i can’t see it in the rearview mirror anymore.
So i looked through my comic and toy collection and decided to let things go.
I sold a few items, made some acquaintances along the way and gave some stuff away to people i knew would give the things the attention they deserved. The process hit a wall from one day to the other. The money i earned was good and helped me pay a few bills, but a business person wouldn’t consider it “worth the effort”.
I don’t believe in “collector prizes” but rather in “you ask/pay the price you feel it is worth” and i certainly don’t dream of a certain sum from all the stuff. Of course i could get a space at one of the local conventions or markets, but the prices for one metre of table space have increased since my childhood and i’m not a good salesman. Furthermore, there is something more important to me. It might sound odd, but i believe it is important that everything finds a place where it is appreciated. Every piece of a collection is a work of art, making a collection a personal kind of museum. And some museums ask a price of admission that you are willing to pay for their services which led me to the following train of thoughts:
Instead of selling, why not just make it available at the shipping costs and whatever the person is willing to give me for it? And if the person can’t/won’t give me anything, perhaps something comes up over time and a good word for me could be put out for me or it has something for me in return. A nice thought is enough.
Of course i could use some money, i’m not even sure how my professional life will look like in two weeks[1] but i also don’t want to drown in/feel like the collection is curating me, and if someone can use whatever i have to offer, the person can be my guest.

[1] to much and to depressing to explain, lets just say that my company stopped valuing the work we put into every project with money and a nice word from time to time and replaced it with a “why can’t you do that faster?”

rambling about No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is the newest entry in the list of glorious failings. Well, failing is perhaps to strong a word given that the people working in it considered it finished and released it out into the world.
I had my reasons to look forward to this, and one of it made it into the finished product: the sense of adventure and solitude. It is an uplifting experience to break through the atmosphere of a planet, sometimes with activated boosters because one can’t wait to touch down something savoring the moments, slowly descending towards the surface, taking a look out the cockpit of ones space craft to compare the vastness of the world one is about to step onto with the vastness the rest of the system is offering. A neat allegory on how words/systems/universes exist in words/systems/universes or how we can zone into one thing that in turn grows in size until it blocks out the sheer endlessness that the rest of life encompasses.

After the landing comes another uplifting moment: being the first “person” to set foot on the planet. Taking in your surroundings, how hostile are the weather conditions, terrain and possible wildlife. And except for the guardian drones that will attack you when they catch you mining materials and possible native fauna, you are alone on this world. So you adjust your exo-suit and start to explore.
And this is were the biggest letdown of the game starts: exploration and material mining. In theory these parts are optional, most things can be bought, but to me that would betray what i see in this game, an Indiana Jones in space simulator[1]. Besides mining for elements, each world offers a number of sites to discover: artefacts/”cult”-sites[2], knowledge stones that let you learn alien languages, deserted modules containing laboratories or living quarters and sometimes the aliens[3] that put them there.
The strange thing about this game is, that my disregard for it is far higher when thinking or talking about it than when i am actually interacting with it. The design and soundtrack of the game makes me think of the covers of various sci-fi book covers. Listening to the soundtrack on its own[4] makes one feel like watching a 70s sci-fi movie in the minds theatre. And i don’t mind spending hours running over a planets surface, or glide through space, going wherever i like or necessity takes me. I’m not even missing the multiplayer. But after talking to people who played through the game multiple times including the Atlas path quests i came to the conclusion that i miss a story. I get that the proceedings can be interpreted as a metaphor for life, the human condition and the need to leave a legacy behind, even without ones name tag on it, but frankly, that is something that we already experience, in a “mundane” environment, but nonetheless, it feels more like an exercise in abundance which ironically is hollow inside.

[1] although the life of Dr. Henry Jones are per definition a simulation too

[2] instead of a cutscene you get text describing the goings on at such sites. at one i killed a bird that had been revived by an artifact but according to the text, it’s chirping sounded like a plea for a mercy kill. i climbed on the acceptance ladder of the resident alien race for doing so.

[3] which need a few knowledge stones to be found to have a meaningful conversation with

[4] available on cd or download, but the “analogue” version comes with a second disc containing a gap free mix of a few songs to emulate the actual playing process