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linked up vol.11

Friday, time to share some links. Some i do comment, some not. Some lead to german internet presences.

# Could Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Make DC Comics’ Biggest Ever Omnibus, In Time For Christmas?

# New ‘Devilman’ Anime To Stream On Netflix (Japan) In 2018

# S.H.Figuarts Qui-Gon JInn Revealed
Yes! Wait, what is the second faceplate meant to emote?

# Whoa: ‘The Matrix’ Reboot Taking Shape at Warner Bros. Without the Wachowskis
This could work. Perhaps not with the people currently attached, but there are so many angles you could look at this story, even now.

# Anime Godzilla Movie Coming to Netflix Later This Year!
With Gen Urobuchi on writing made me more interested in this version of the king of monsters. His Kamen Rider series, Gaim, gave the franchise a needed new perspective.

# Six Years Ago Today
A comparison of the fukushima incident and Shin Godzilla.

# Tiny crack in steel seen through an electron microscope

# Terry Gilliam’s ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’ Begins Production, Laughs in the Face of God

# That New Star Wars Title Will Be A Darth Vader Ongoing By Charles Soule And Giuseppe Camuncoli
I hope Mr. Soule is in the same form as when he wrote the Lando miniseries because i liked that but wasn’t as much of a fan of his recent Marvel work.

# ‘Steven Universe’ WIll Be Coming To Consoles As An RPG

# James Cameron Confirms ‘Avatar 2’ Won’t Arrive in 2018, Make Your Fake Surprised Face Now


linked up vol.6

Friday, time to share some links. Some i do comment, some not. Some lead to german internet presences.

# Radioactive Lounge: 57 – Open Up And Say Ahhhh
Good talk about the industry and how it is gladly feasting on its consumers, retailers and ultimately, itself.

# Why ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ & ‘Voyager’ Won’t Be Released in HD or on Blu-ray

# Japanese Buildings that are Shaped Like the Things They Sell

# How to Shoot Street Photography with a 28mm Lens

# Doctor Strange Has Now Made More Money At Box Office Than Man Of Steel

# [Video] Awesomely Obscure Cartoons from the 80’s and 90’s
Is it strange that they are not that obscure to me?

#The RPG Scrollbars: Richard Garriott’s autobiography
Found the Ultima games i purchased through Good Old Games a while ago and then i find out about this book. It’s on my reading list.

# Samurai Jack season 5 trailer

# This maglev quadcopter hints at transportation’s future

# Tom Scioli Launches New Webcomic, “Princess”

# ‘Aftermath’ Trailer: Arnold Schwarzenegger Demands an Apology in the Darren Aronofsky-Produced Thriller

# Bard’s Tale IV Gets A New Gameplay Trailer
The latest episode of the Spielevetranen podcast mentioned Bard’s Tale II which rekindled a few memories of group playing afternoons of parts one and two. I did not realize a fourth title got funded!

# Netflix Announces Castlevania TV Show For 2017

Asteroids In Exile ep.10

Niv and i got together to start a new season of our podcast, Asteroids In Exile.

We talk about what we have been watching, trailers, Star Wars and amongst other things, we are very judgemental about the DC-Comics based movies.

Listen to it here, or tune your favourtie podcatcher.

Thank You for your time!

War For The Planet Of The Apes trailer

I’ve never felt the urge to watch the two prior installments of this reboot, but most people i know that did seem to like them while admitting there are flaws. This trailer seems similar to Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes with reversed roles.
Guess i’ll try and rewatch the preceding movies and then decide to go for number three. There is certainly some monetary value behind it and Caesar s CGI performance is being done by Andy Serkis who people tend to love. Guess he has more to do than in Star Wars: Episode VII.

K-2SO featurette

In case you have not noticed, Rogue One is arriving in theatres this week and it will feature what should be almost everybodies favourite droid, K-2SO, which is based/voiced on an performance by Alan Tudyk.
The design has already sold me on the character. It feels like a logical variation on the protocol droid design with an emphasis on intimidation.
Hopefully the canon version is as good as my head-canon one.

Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer

So we finally get a trailer for Spider-Man’s semi solo movie anchored in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Looks neat. The usage of MGMT’s Time To Pretend in the “standard” trailer is fitting[1].
It’s good to see Peter have a friend his age who knows about his activities. Don’t know, it just makes the scenario feel less confined to just his headspace.
From his brief appearance i am voting for Michael Keaton to play Batman again. Good thing they gave the suit a helmet and those big fans. Feels like a home brewed variation of the Falcon backpack.
It’s good to see Happy Hogan again but i wonder how much Tony Star we’ll see in the finalized cut.
Let’s wait and see.

International trailer

[1] why did they cut the part about drugs and models? would have fit Tony Starks appearance