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Asteroids In Exile ep.11 – Richard Jokes

Niv and i assembled to celebrate our show’s one year anniversary and talk about Batman amongst other pop-cultural relevant things. But it is the world’s greatest detective that we always end up talking about.

You find the episode here, and our feed lives here.


Asteroids In Exile ep.9: Wrap Up

My buddy Niv and i but a bow on the ladt episode of our podcast for this year.
We talk about the movies we recently saw and plan on seeing, overanalyze a few movie trailers and take a moment to look back on nine months of podcasting.

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comics! [17/52]

  • The Nameless City by Faith Erin Hicks. Of course there is a quote by Bryan Konietzko, co-creator of the Avatar tv-shows on the cover because it could be read as fan fiction centered on the city of Ba Sing Se. But for me it stands above that. The story of the Nameless City is something that is hardwired into our DNA: conquer and rule. Humans did it for all the right and wrong reasons, at the end it did not matter, bloodshed was the final solution.
    The story starts at the point where the dust started to settle since the last time the city was conquered. People grow restless, other armies are on the borders, waiting for their chance to claim it. Restless bones cry out in their desire to wage war and tighten their grip, settled voices talk of negotiating peace with all the parties involved. In the middle of this conflict are a kid from the side of the conquerors and one of the city, could their friendship disturb the cycle?
    Reading this made me feel a little bitter because of old man reasons. But it is an enjoyable read that is dynamically illustrated. I dig the action sequences because they are illustrated with less detail, making them seem a bit more “realistic”. This person is intrigued and awaiting volume two.
    Also, i wonder if the release of titles is entierly up to Jordie Bellaire’s schedule.

  • Klaus no.4 is an insane ride! This is the story we should tell our kids when they ask about Santa Klaus’s origin. Make this into a movie! Klaus Year One.
  • The Batman Adventures vol.4
    When those came out in austria i couldn’t see a reason for reading them. 25 years later i dig them. The number of names of the people working on those stories is great and it would be neat if the main Batman title would borrow a few things from them (Batman no.51 was a great ending to the Snyder/Capullo run, but man i’m i glad it’s over).

    A hardcover collection or an Absolute Edition of those would be neat.

    He’s also big into electric cars.

  • Amazing Forrest no.3I was not that keen on the preceding issues, but the dragon story in the beginning and this page from the second story made it worth the read for me.

  • Man Plus no.4
    Scratched that Shirow itch, but did not leave me satisfied completely. Still, good series to read in trade with a lot of references and easter eggs in the last issue as well as an appearance by Brandon Graham.
  • The Spire no.7When this series started i did not like it a lot. Brandon Grahams Arclight has started around the same time, and that first issue managed the same level of world building and character introduction in a far economical manner. As my buddy Glen [ComicsnStuffs Podcast] pointed out recently, the book is overwhelmingly wordy. It needs time and when you grant it enough it grows and blooms. Guess its the comeback of compressed storytelling that is influencing my judgement.

  • Mythic no.8Guess this series will come to an end with issue nine. But then, the trade only collects the first eight, so perhaps there is hope. The buzz might just pass me by.
    I enjoy this title. It is one of those things Vertigo would have put out in the early days of the new millennium alongside titles like The Exterminators. The mix between seriousness and humor works great. But i guess it will read better collected because the first few issues felt a bit long.

  • Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur no.6 2016This series took far to long to reach the point it is at now. It is a nice read, soul food comics that you can enjoy alone or together with a younger human being. But the storytelling felt far to decompressed. But i’m looking forward to where it will go from now. Hopefully it will not wander to far into a certain direction, because that plan doesn’t seem to work to well for Marvel.

  • Ms. Marvel no.6 2016As much as i like the character and what this book set out to do, i feel like that mission statement got a bot diluted in the process. The wedding was a wonderful thing to watch and had a hopeful message but it felt like something was missing in this arc.

  • Injection no.9 & Karnak no.3 (2016)While Injection remains a “fun” ride that sadly seems to keep Trees from being continued,

    Karnak seemed like the main character rambling on about how fucked the world is. Yeah, it’s a guy who sees the flaw in everything, but it seems like Mr. Ellis’s mainstream work takes an established traits and outs them in the thing he is working on at the moment. Which he does very well, but that last page….

    Karnak kill the Marvel Universe. Bring it on.

  • Doctor Strange no.7 (2016) & Doctor Strange: The Last Days Of MagicThose two were my biggest surprises this week! Even if my fear that the Mage-Killer dude from the new Doctor Strange series was a repurposed Godkiller from Jason Aaron’s work on Thor, his origin was neat.

    That Superman vibe was something i did not expect.

    Last Days of Magic is a great collection of vignettes about how some of the magic users in the Marvel Universe deal with the Inquisitors. Reminded me a bit about the Captain America: Who won’t wield the shield one shot from a few years ago.

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read: Hank Johnson – Agent Of Hydra no.1 (2015)

Fun read. At some point Marvel will surely bring the series into the cinematic universe. But seriously, while reading it p, the thought of a show about henchmen would have been better than Agents Of SHIELD.
I wonder how it would have looked if Marvel had hired Steranko to illustrate the comic.

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