comic related [23/2016]

  Living Between Wednesdays made me aware of certain similarities big storylines at Marvel have with another popular property.
Knowing is half the battle. *wink wink*

  If this Lego set for the upcoming Doctor Strange movie is real, you all know what is on the top of my general/christmas wish list.


The demon coming out of the portal has me sold! There should be a Sanctum Sanctorium play set in the size of the Batman 66 batcave with all of the weird shenanigans built in that we associate with Doctor Strange.

Also, this is the reason i’ve never bought a lunchbox.
I waited until this came along.


  Sasha Baron Cohen is apparently cast as Mandrake the Magician. I want his Mandrake to cross over with Billie Zane as The Phantom and Sam J. Jones as Flash Gordon. Is this the beginning of a wave of pulp-property movies?
The Outhouse asks the question that people under 20-30 must ask themselves when they read the news items.

  Multiversity started their in-depth coverage of Civil War II and like their coverage for Secret Wars it is highly entertaining.

  Tony Cliff’s Delilah Dirk got bought by *drumroll* Disney. Good on him that he (hopefully) made money from his great creation, hopefully the mouse will treat it with the same respect as they did with Star Wars.

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Lego Dimensions or Just give us your paycheck

See the release trailer here

Got an e-mail with the intention of hyping me up for Lego Dimensions, the building brick toy version of the ever popular Skylanders.
So i checked the prices.
And that pissed me a bit off.

Now, Lego sets are a miracle. In the 33 years i’ve spent on this planet, i never encountered a missing stone or a wobbly connection when building a Lego set. And Lego topped itself every time. When i got my first spaceship i could not imagine a better set, when i built the small prison set from the first Pirates wave i could not imagine a better set (monkeys, parrots and pirates!!), the same thing happened with the Space Police, Ice Planet, Underwater Exploration and every other subsequent release.
Now that i have to pay for this sets with my own money, i got a better understanding of what my parents meant when they told me they are dissatisfied after all the things they invested in me. The building experience and playtime is entertaining, but a decent sized Lego set costs more than a healthy meal.
And Lego Dimensions presents a new place you can send your paycheck to.

Work has to be compensated, but with the current economical realities that many people are experiencing, accompanied by the costs for the gaming system that the software runs on is a bit steep.
And i hope Lego isn’t run that way, but suits and people who started life on the green side are the people benefitting from those prices the most.


toysday: Lego Darkseid

If you had told me 20 years ago that i would live to see a Darkseid figure made by Lego, i wouldn’t have believed it.


Since Grant Morrison mentioned Darkseid to be the omnipresent voice of criticism, being blasted at us from every media outlet, strengthening our belief that we are devouring others to improve ourselves when in reality we are feasting on ourselves, the character got elevated in my personal comic canon, to the ultimate evil.

Which makes this rather cute version of Darkseid more terrifying than any oversized toy rendition of the character.