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[arrived] Fantastic Four Artist’s Edition


Unpacked it this morning.
It’s beautiful.

Here are two panels that caught my eye while having a quick look through it.




[link]Toy Fair 2017:  Super7

Link to The Fwoosh

As much as i dig the animated Masters Of The Universe figures, the Robotech and Shogun ReAction figures peaked my interest. My Dad bought me vinyl figures of Roy Fokker’s Valkyrie and Mazinger that i lost on a field trip, and the reaction asthetic reminds me of them.


linked up vol.3

Friday 00:05 MET, time to share some links. Some i do comment, some not. Some lead to german internet presences.

# BBC Reports Disney Negotiating With Carrie Fisher Estate On Future CGI Carrie Fisher Appearances In Star Wars
Hmm, i heard from more people than anticipated that they did not find CGI Tarkin that bad, so perhaps CGI Leia will work as well. I’d rather see an actress in the role.
And here’s the follow up:
# Lucasfilm Addresses Using CGI To Recreate Carrie Fisher In Future Star Wars Films
I guess they will do so in Episode IX.

# Brian Blessed warned Geroge Lucas about Jar Jar Binks.

# Gravity Daze trailer via Okamidensetsu Isn’t that the cutest kitty WOAH, SHIT WHAT US HAPPENING! Here’s a making of-video.

# Der Raum-Ausstatter (german)
German comedian/voice artist Monty Arnold lays down a short but poignant bouquet of flowers to the King Of Comics: Jack Kirby.

# A Myth of Love and Metals: Gem Fusion in Rebecca Sugar’s Steven Universe
Steven Universe is an amazing show about acceptance and change and i’m always rambling about how beautiful the concept of fusion is to educate kids on human interaction, but this article does it waaaaay better than i ever could.

# Brigham Young University Researches The Negative Effects Of Superheroes On Pre-Schoolers
# Reconsidering Rogue One
It burns under my nails to talk about this movie, but i want to wait until i can record a proper podcast episode about it for Asteroids In Exile

# Joe Jusko Does A Classic Take On The Guardians Of The Galaxy

# 10 reasons why Fletcher Hanks kicks ass
Don’t read about Hank’s private life….but Stardust the Space Wizard is a neat name for a “Superhero”.

Kirby it up!

Look what i found in the latest Previews catalogue.
While i’m excited about the opportunity to get an Artist’s Edition of Forever People alongside the Fantastic Four one i think i might give this one a pass. The ocd collector in me is throwing himself against the wall.

Seeing Jack Kirby’s artwork in this format is a feast. I got my brother the Artist’s Edition of Thor by Jack Kirby as a combined birthday/christmas present and we both sat in awe before the powerful artwork.

But another chance to spend to much money presents itself on the opposing page.

Justice League Action trailer

Space Cabbie vs The Main Man, Lobo, Etrigan on a motorcycle and Mark Hamil and Kevin Conroy lending their voice to the Joker and Batman. I’m on board.
The trailer gives me a Justice League/JLU vibe but for a new generation of humans getting up early on a saturday so they can catch an episode before work. Oh, and the kids, why doesn’t anybody think of the kids.