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linked up vol.10

Friday, time to share some links. Some i do comment, some not. Some lead to german internet presences.

# Tales Of Alethrion trailer
This series spins out of the short animated movie The Reward, which somehow reminded me of all the D&D Adventures my brother and me….imagined our characters live through.

# Senate Republicans introduce resolution ensuring ISPs don’t need your permission to sell your private data and SSN
I try to keep politics out of here, but this is something that people using the internet should be aware of. We already give away to much by choice.

# A game where Character Creation is the Whole Game

# „Ich las genug!“ – Übersetzungen aus der Negativ-Zone
Marvel comics translating through the ages.

# ‘Logan’ ADR Clip: Watch Hugh Jackman Intensely Grunt His Way Through an Action Scene
I wonder if there are actors who get foley or dedicated adr artists to do such work for them.

# Jeff Lemire Quits Marvel
Hmm, if that is true Marvel should take a hard look at how to keep talent in house.

# Finn Jones leaves twitter discussing Iron Fist whitewashing controversy
It is an issue that needs addressing and a solution, but why don’t we address the people who are actually producing the things we take issue with? (because they are smart enough to stay off social media)

# DC Comics Planning Digital Subscription With Amazon Prime – And Everything Changes
At this point this might not come to be a reality, but having a subscription for Marvel Unlimited and a similar DC service might cover a huge chunk of the comic grind.

# Five ways to remove a stripped screw
Have to try out the rubber band method, because most of the time i don’t carry a Dremel with me.

# Adorable mascot drummer opts for death metal interpretation of childrens’ song

# Cole Sprouse weighs Jughead sexuality contoversy
Has he cut himself another asshole afterwards, because Twitter sure tore Mark Waid a second one. I get the rather emotional reactions, but we’re not the custodians of these characters and i give Waid the benefit of the doubt for not making a sexmachine out of Jughead all of a sudden. It’s Mark Waid! Frank Miller would have send him to make burgers out of people from the middle east and nobody would have given a thought about it.

# Image Announces 15 New Titles at ECCC
Every one of those titles has something that makes me want to read it, but how many if those titles will be around long enough to finish their run? Is Chip Zdarsky’s He-Man book still a thing?
And i don’t believe in Mage: The Hero Denied until i hold it in my hands. Been waiting 15 years for it.

# Trailer for the new Duck Tales cartoon, which looks promising.

Is Ike Perlmutter’s Marvel vs. Fox War Playing Out In Casting Announcements For X-Men And Inhumans TV?

# ‘TRON 3’ Is On The Cart In Monty Python Screaming “I’m Not Dead Yet”