Asteroids In Exile ep.11 – Richard Jokes

Niv and i assembled to celebrate our show’s one year anniversary and talk about Batman amongst other pop-cultural relevant things. But it is the world’s greatest detective that we always end up talking about.

You find the episode here, and our feed lives here.

Star Wars Rebels mid-season trailer

I’m hyped.
Being a tad disappointed by Rogue One, i forgot about the continuation of the third season of Star Wars Rebels.

quick thoughts about: Star Wars Rebels

I did not enjoy the two previous episodes, Idiots Array and Vision Of Hope, but Call To Action redeemed the show.

I don’t want to spoil it for anybody, but the Empire is setting the bar higher by bringing in one of their big players. And he changes the game!

This can’t be followed up by a filler episode, can it?