Asteroids In Exile ep.11 – Richard Jokes

Niv and i assembled to celebrate our show’s one year anniversary and talk about Batman amongst other pop-cultural relevant things. But it is the world’s greatest detective that we always end up talking about.

You find the episode here, and our feed lives here.

Asteroids In Exile ep.9: Wrap Up

My buddy Niv and i but a bow on the ladt episode of our podcast for this year.
We talk about the movies we recently saw and plan on seeing, overanalyze a few movie trailers and take a moment to look back on nine months of podcasting.

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Thank You for your time!

read: Action Comics no.43 (2015)

Still digging what is done with Superman these days. What a coincidence that the cop Supes punched is a shadow monster. Yeah, it’s comics and DC has to maintain a reputation for their property, but i wish the idea would have been explored further, making Superman a hero of the people again. Greg Pak would be the ideal writer for it.

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