[read] The Omega Men tpb (2017)

With the Tom King train on full speed, i decided to check out Omega Men, which i ignored during it’s publication in single issues.
That title left me devastated, like any other King title, but the path to that final punch in the nuts is a fascinating one. The lines that are usuaally drawn in heavily pigmented black ink isn’t clearly defined, and in the middle of the fog of war is Kyle Raynor; trying to navigate the grey zone as well as possible.
The artwork further drives the point across that no one in this comic is acting out of true altruism. Everything seems to have taken a short bath in a black wash that won’t come off.

new webcomic by Tom Scioli

Seems like i lived under a rock for the last three weeks. Tom Scioli, one of my favourite artists/writers in comics started a new webcomic.
It’s to early to make a statement avout the nature of the story, but Scioli’s artwork combines the style he adopted during his work on Satan’s Soldier through Transformers vs G.I. Joe with cleaner linework.

You can find his new work, Princess, here.

[read] Kamandi challenge No.1 (2017)


Great idea: twelve different artists/writer teams write an installment each month, leaving the cliffhanger to be solved by the next team. In the next issue the team from the preceding issue will write their idea of the conclusion for their cliffhanger in the letters section.
I don’t buy the paragraph about DC not being able to settle on a team for an ongoing.
That aside, i dug the issue. Picks up a lot from the classic first issue, Giffen and Eaglesham are doing their best to honor the King while retaining their styles while the story moves at a rather fast pce for our decompressed age.

linked up vol.5

Friday, time to share some links. Some i do comment, some not. Some lead to german internet presences.

# 15-Second Reviews of All the Movies We Saw at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival

# 2 New Uchu Sentai KyuRanger Promo Videos Online!
Oh, it’s that time of the year again. I get so used to the current Super Sentai or Kamen Rider show that i forgot that they only run for a year. As much as i dig the current show, Zuohger, those promo clips are looking good.

# Meet Saccorhytus, bloblike human ancestor that shat through its mouth

# Ben Affleck Steps Down as Director of ‘The Batman’!

# Bernie Wrightson Retires Due To Health

# DC Comics Recreating Snagglepuss As A Gay Man Brought Before The House Committee On Un-American Activities!

# It’s Official: The Dune Reboot Has Found Its Director

# PETA Complains About Plastic Figurines Wearing Fur While The Rest Of The World Laughs At The Irony

# Dave Gibbons To Teach You “How Comics Work” In A New Book

# Playmobil Hits Us In The Feels With Their New Ghostbusters Line
Seems like Playmobil is making a big push. First the six-inch collaboration figures with Funko (fourth Doctor!!) and now these. And they look eat too. For me the Playmobil aesthetic lacks something that puts Lego in favor.

acquisitions [4/17]

Let’s take a look at the stuff that will cover my corpse someday.

Lando Calrissian (3,75″ Black Series)

Another blind spot in my collection is filled! Lando’s cloak is one of the nicer ones, somehow i also dig the elastic band, but i deceided to take it off and keep him in his rebelion uniform look. While the face scuplt does not entierly resemble Billy Dee Williams i’m happy that he has his wrist communicator.

Tony Stark
(S.H. Figuarts)

Bandai is taking their game further with their face printing technology. This time with Robert Downey Jr.. The license costs are probably the reason why he doesn’t get any alternate faces but the look he comes with is a good all purpose expression. And there are three alternate hands for each arm as well as two armor lower arms and armor boots as well as a display stand resembling Tony Stark’s hall of armors.

Gardens Of Glass – Lando

It was receommended to me to help with my uneasiness with Moebius’s work.

At The Shore – Jim Campbell

Another recommendation. Jim Campbell adapted Over The Garden Wall for the comics page which i ennjoyed. So i decided to take a look at his work without being restraint by the rules of a franchise.

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Friday 00:05 MET, time to share some links. Some i do comment, some not. Some lead to german internet presences.

# BBC Reports Disney Negotiating With Carrie Fisher Estate On Future CGI Carrie Fisher Appearances In Star Wars
Hmm, i heard from more people than anticipated that they did not find CGI Tarkin that bad, so perhaps CGI Leia will work as well. I’d rather see an actress in the role.
And here’s the follow up:
# Lucasfilm Addresses Using CGI To Recreate Carrie Fisher In Future Star Wars Films
I guess they will do so in Episode IX.

# Brian Blessed warned Geroge Lucas about Jar Jar Binks.

# Gravity Daze trailer via Okamidensetsu Isn’t that the cutest kitty WOAH, SHIT WHAT US HAPPENING! Here’s a making of-video.

# Der Raum-Ausstatter (german)
German comedian/voice artist Monty Arnold lays down a short but poignant bouquet of flowers to the King Of Comics: Jack Kirby.

# A Myth of Love and Metals: Gem Fusion in Rebecca Sugar’s Steven Universe
Steven Universe is an amazing show about acceptance and change and i’m always rambling about how beautiful the concept of fusion is to educate kids on human interaction, but this article does it waaaaay better than i ever could.

# Brigham Young University Researches The Negative Effects Of Superheroes On Pre-Schoolers
# Reconsidering Rogue One
It burns under my nails to talk about this movie, but i want to wait until i can record a proper podcast episode about it for Asteroids In Exile

# Joe Jusko Does A Classic Take On The Guardians Of The Galaxy

# 10 reasons why Fletcher Hanks kicks ass
Don’t read about Hank’s private life….but Stardust the Space Wizard is a neat name for a “Superhero”.