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[arrived] Fantastic Four Artist’s Edition


Unpacked it this morning.
It’s beautiful.

Here are two panels that caught my eye while having a quick look through it.




Kirby it up!

Look what i found in the latest Previews catalogue.
While i’m excited about the opportunity to get an Artist’s Edition of Forever People alongside the Fantastic Four one i think i might give this one a pass. The ocd collector in me is throwing himself against the wall.

Seeing Jack Kirby’s artwork in this format is a feast. I got my brother the Artist’s Edition of Thor by Jack Kirby as a combined birthday/christmas present and we both sat in awe before the powerful artwork.

But another chance to spend to much money presents itself on the opposing page.

Medidating Akuma by Jorge Santiago Jr

Got this sketch of a rather relaxed Akuma from the Street Fighter franchise from Jorge Santiago Jr. I commisioned a Mister Miracle last summer and that one was already awesome.

He’s a very nice and reliable person and for what you get his prices are great (i’m not earning any money with this statement, i just dig the guy a lot).

Do you have any recommendations for what i should comission next from him?

a page from [4/14]

This week:

  • Teen Dog no.5
  • Dr. Slump vol.1
  • Shutter no.8
  • Jupiter’s Legacy no.5
  • FBP no.17
  • Batman and Robin no.38
  • Ivar, Timewalker no.1
  • Rumble no.2
  • The Autumnslands: Tooth and Claw no.3
  • Buck Barnes: The Winter Solider no.4

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