[read] Kamandi challenge No.1 (2017)


Great idea: twelve different artists/writer teams write an installment each month, leaving the cliffhanger to be solved by the next team. In the next issue the team from the preceding issue will write their idea of the conclusion for their cliffhanger in the letters section.
I don’t buy the paragraph about DC not being able to settle on a team for an ongoing.
That aside, i dug the issue. Picks up a lot from the classic first issue, Giffen and Eaglesham are doing their best to honor the King while retaining their styles while the story moves at a rather fast pce for our decompressed age.

linked up vol.7

Friday, time to share some links. Some i do comment, some not. Some lead to german internet presences.

# Inside a crew cabin in cargo ship swaying during rough seas
A former trainee of mine is currently working on a ship. Hope his journeys are more stable.
Turn off the audio if you don’t need an edgy riff to enhance the visuals.

# Maybe there’s more that brings us together than you think
Ultimately, the commercial should communicate that everyone is watching tv. But i like the idea of bringing people from all walks of life together in such a way.

# Doug Chiang Talks With American Cinematographer About ‘Rogue One’

# Re-Creating The Spacecrafts Of ‘Star Wars’
I had a guy in class who was building his own spaceships by kitbashing, so the thought of reverse engineering a kitbashed result gives me sweats.

# Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger Returns V-Cinema Project Announced
That is good to read. Dug the series and learning about how its protagonists navigate through the new world that they built is a fun premise. The Kyoryuger thing that was set in the future was neat too.

# ‘Lucifer’ Renewed For Season 3
Yes! The Wife and i dig that show. Watch Tom Ellis in Miranda when you have the chance!

# Kamen Rider X Super Sentai Chou Superhero Taisen Full Trailer Online!

# Review – Maketoys MTRM–09 RE:Master Downbeat
Hmm, feels like i need a not-MP Jazz in my life.

# ‘Suicide Squad 2’ Might Get Mel Gibson to Direct

# The Story of Oskar Barnack, Inventor of the Original Leica

And why not:
# DCEU Exit Strategy Enters Phase Two As Now Ben Affleck Won’t Write The Batman Either, Says Report
# Not So Fast! New Report Claims WB And Ben Affleck Are Happy With The Batman Script, Which Won’t Be Rewritten Again
# Report: Matt Reeves Offered The Batman Director Job That Formerly Belonged To Ben Affleck

linked up vol.6

Friday, time to share some links. Some i do comment, some not. Some lead to german internet presences.

# Radioactive Lounge: 57 – Open Up And Say Ahhhh
Good talk about the industry and how it is gladly feasting on its consumers, retailers and ultimately, itself.

# Why ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ & ‘Voyager’ Won’t Be Released in HD or on Blu-ray

# Japanese Buildings that are Shaped Like the Things They Sell

# How to Shoot Street Photography with a 28mm Lens

# Doctor Strange Has Now Made More Money At Box Office Than Man Of Steel

# [Video] Awesomely Obscure Cartoons from the 80’s and 90’s
Is it strange that they are not that obscure to me?

#The RPG Scrollbars: Richard Garriott’s autobiography
Found the Ultima games i purchased through Good Old Games a while ago and then i find out about this book. It’s on my reading list.

# Samurai Jack season 5 trailer

# This maglev quadcopter hints at transportation’s future

# Tom Scioli Launches New Webcomic, “Princess”

# ‘Aftermath’ Trailer: Arnold Schwarzenegger Demands an Apology in the Darren Aronofsky-Produced Thriller

# Bard’s Tale IV Gets A New Gameplay Trailer
The latest episode of the Spielevetranen podcast mentioned Bard’s Tale II which rekindled a few memories of group playing afternoons of parts one and two. I did not realize a fourth title got funded!

# Netflix Announces Castlevania TV Show For 2017

Retropie update

I planned on writing about what i did with the Retropie but my head wasn’t in the (video) game.
So here is a short update.

I got the SFC30 controller from 8bitdo. But since the Bluetooth adapter that is integrated in the Rapsberry Pi3 freezes the system every time it looks for devices to connect. (sorry for the clutter and image quality)

8bitdo SFC30
Next thing i got was a screen to hook the Retropie up to.


My brother and i are currently looking to get a weekend off to spend on reliving our glorious Nintendo World Cup days.

That is a thing i experienced with a lot of people i talked about the project; a rekindling of the joy they experienced with these games.

Other things that need attendance are:

  • Hook up a USB soundcard since i currently can’t use a bluetooth speaker.
  • Get rid of the two power-supplies needed to power the Raspberry Pi and the monitor, and replace it with one that also features a USB charging port.
  • Building a case to mount the Raspberry Pi and a USB-hub to the backside of the monitor’s case.

If you have a tip or case idea or just want to talk about old video games and contact me at heliocentricbs@gmail.com