My brother and his Avengers Omnibus


My heart exploded with joy that this present was able to surprise my dear sibling, who only recently got back into reading comics.

When we were kids, we used to trade the Condor volumes of Spider-Man, The Avengers and other comics in our classes and with our best friend, reading each volume until it came apart.
The Wife remarked how nice it is that we managed to bond again over comics after growing apart over the last few years (three years ago we almost started a fistfight on christmas eve).

Just wanted to share my happiness with you!


Care Package

Today i received a parcel from Gonzo, the man behind ETC Toys (webshop Instagram).

Given my current situation, groggy from waging battle with pneumonia, it was such a joy to open it up. I ordered two of his UV active Battle Cat Buddhas (i really dig ETC’s collection of Buddhas, owning two Skeletors, a Hordak, two Xenomorphs and a Darth Vader Buddha), but the good man was so nice and added a clear Buddhator (Skeletor Buddha) and a Solotor (Skeletor in carbonite).

Solotor steals the show for me. A neat idea that is only enhanced by the UV active colours.
But until i get a new UV light, i can only put a layer of memory over the figures, from when i saw them blasted with light of a wavelength under 400nm and put them on the shelf.


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