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Comic Reviews 41/52 2015

  • Penultimate Quest vol.3 (2015)
  • Superman – The Dark Side Of Apokolips (2015)
  • Mythic no.4 (2015)
  • Justice League no.44 (2015)
  • Rick and Morty no.6 (2015)
  • Hellboy In Hell no.8 – The Hounds Of Pluto no.2 (2015)
  • Book Of Death: Fall Of Harbinger no.1 (2015)
  • 8house no.4: Yorris pt.1 (2015)
  • Contest Of Champions no.1 (2015)
  • Doctor Strange no.1 (2015)
  • Buddy Cops no.1 (2012)
  • We Stand On Guard no.4 (2015)
  • Lando no.5 (2015)
  • Star Wars no.10 (2015)
  • Copra no.24 (2015)

Penultimate Quest vol.3 (2015)

I stumbled upon Penultimate Quest last year through Lars Brown’s Kickstarter campaign for vol.2 (vol.1&2 can be read at, and am glad i discovered a very interesting story about video games, philosophy, magic and to a certain extent, religion. The religious aspect bothered me a bit and paints the ending black and white.
Also, the tone changes with volume 2 but stays consistent from there on.
But if one can look over that, it is a great read that i can only recommend.

Superman – The Dark Side Of Apokolips (2015)

Not exactly a comic, but a neat way to get younger kids to read. Back when i was starting school, i wasn’t a big reader. I dug comics, but could not read through a book. A hybrid such as this one might have helped ease me into reading instead of having to force myself to read later in life.
A neat thing is the backmatter, which engages the reader to discuss events from the book.

Mythic no.4 (2015)

So far Mythic has been a rather slow read. Good, but a title that would have worked better at Vertigo years ago, and will surely read a lot better once there is a collection out.
But this issue was great because of the ending. Can’t help myself, but Anatol cracked my emotional center.

Justice League no.44 (2015)

Glooowfingr! He’s the man, the man with the moebius chair!!!!
I’m currently not that smitten with what DC Comics is putting on shelves. But this arc of Justice League is fun. There is a rather big twist in this issue, but the next reboot is probably already on someone’s desk, so who knows.
This arc is a solid superhero epic, it hits all the beats but feels a bit to excessive at times.

Rick and Morty no.6 (2015)

Since a lot of people recommend the show, i read the latest issue. It is exceptionally entertaining.
Andrew MacLean art is always great to look at and the story is….well, something else. If it fits in your plans and you dig 80s action movies, this is a rigged bet.

Hellboy In Hell no.8 – The Hounds Of Pluto no.2 (2015)

This is one of those comics that is wasted on me. It is great how all the story threads weave a tapestry at the end and i think i even got some of the themes and ideas that are conveyed through the artwork.
But ultimately i feel like a caveman who’s banging rocks together (rather tries to eat prehistoric feces, one of the guys that natural selection was invented for).
What i like in particular is, that despite all the things Hellboy encountered, at his core he is still the blue collar paranormal detective he started out as.

Book Of Death: Fall Of Harbinger no.1 (2015)

I’m not well versed in the Valiant Universe, but so far everything i’ve read since the relaunch has been of consistently high quality.
It’s the same with this title. Even if one isn’t in the loop on the Harbinger story, the basics have been laid out, which gives it a nice density, which combined with the great art make this a great comic experience.

8house no.4: Yorris pt.1 (2015)

The series is continuing its streak of greatness with this issue.
This part of the story goes into a whole new territory, and I’m looking forward to how all the world’s will come together in the end.
The backmatter of the issue was a blast to read because I got to learn about two creators that worked on a lot of things I enjoyed.

Contest Of Champions no.1 (2015)

Ok, this book is a „who would beat who“ conversation between the Collector and the Maestro, but i guess we’ll get a lot of alternate universe characters like Hydra-Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy!
This made the comic for me. But does it make it worth the price? My wallet says no.
Doctor Strange no.1 (2015)

As much as I liked this reboot it reminds me of the first arc of Jason Aaron’s Thor. Something extremely dangerous is rampaging about the realms and its next target is the protagonist.
But that is not all there is, Strange lost his grey temples, and gets to wield magical weapons. Which is great, but he also mentions that his hands are still suffering from the nerve damage, even in his projected form, but should he use heavy weapons then? Nitpicking, I know. Another nitpick is that he mentions in how bad a shape he is, but looks rather healthy.
This is the first time that I liked Chris Bachalo’s art from the start. Usually I can’t focus on his work. What is a bit strange is that three inkers worked on the title.
Let’s see where the journey leads us.

Buddy Cops no.1 (2012)(one-shot)

With Dark Horse releasing a lot of single issues on comixology I remembered that I wanted to read this since it was mentioned on the Noncanonical Podcast back in the day.
It is a blast! Great art and fun stories. Worth your time and money.

We Stand On Guard no.4 (2015)

This issue might be a slower one, but nonetheless like its predecessors, it captures a contemporary feeling about the nature of war and that the strong are bullying others under the guise of protection.

Lando no.5 (2015)

A great ending. Very emotional and revealing a lot about Lando, fleshing him out for the new canon. I must admit that it dragged a bit in the middle, but i’m glad i stayed around.
Star Wars no.10 (2015)

Luke is being trained for gladiator fights, Chewie and C-3PO are on his way to rescue him while Han and Leia escape from the Empire with the aid of Han’s Wife Sana. And there is a shocking revelation about the Millennium Falcon!
I really like Star Wars. Stuart Immonen’s artwork is awesome and the story feels like „proper“ Star Wars. Can’t believe we’re already at issue no.10.
Copra no.24 (2015)

This issue ends arc four(?) of Copra. It was a blast reading it. There is so much consideration going into every issue, making it feel like a very well prepared meal. Like Hellboy, it is wasted on a simple mind as mine, but i enjoy it nonetheless.
Big things seem to be in store for the Copra team in the next arc.

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