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vol 96

StarCraft Remastered hit the digital shelves last week; something i looked forward to since it was announced. Before Blizzard made the original game and it’s expansion, Brood War, available for free but not without having to let them put their foot into some of your computer’s ports through their BattleNet software who’s installation is a “necassary evil” to play the non-enhanced version.
Allow me to lead you down on a trip down my corner of memory lane; it was the spring of 1998 and all us video game enthusiasts were giddy to get our sticky little fingers onto a box of StarCraft. I was the first of the gang with the box in his hand and the first one to get rid of it. A local chain of small electronic stores had the policy to not give a second thought to release dates ans put up their stock as soon as the shipping boxes arrived; which sly, young me anticipated and used his lunch break to head to the next store.
Back in school of course i bragged with my acquisation and locked it with my backpack into one of the small cabinets we had in our classrooms, rather the classroom we occupied at that afternoon because we were a “nomad class” that got tutored in whatever classroom was free at that particular time. This afternoon however we had some work to finish in the electric laboratory in another wing of the building. i deemed my backpack with it’s precious cargo save in the locked cabinet.
Of course i was wrong.
The culprit had locked up the cabinet after the deed was done and i was lighter for a box of StarCraft, which led me to believe that he was a member of the 20 people that inshared the adternoon with and were aware of the location of the game. But 19 years have passed since then and i got a copy the next day nonetheless, perhaps made from the one i bought.
When i went through my video game collection i found three separate copy’s of StarCraft i bought over the last few years alongside Diablo and Warcraft II and III.
Now StarCraft itself was an amazing experience back then; it was the first real time strategy game at which i actually accomplished a thing or two as a single and a multiplayer. And at the time it felt like the closest thing we got to a Warhammer 40k video game at the time; years later Dawn Of War would scratch that itch with the needed gusto.
To be frank, as great as i remember the story of the game to be, the details escape me when i stick my hand in into the jello of my memory to grab them.
The remastered version does scratch the nostalgia itch and while i understand the general consens to be rather negative due to the missing implementation of modern compfort features, the desolated levels and the missing improvements to the pathfinding of the units. And i get that from a reviewers point of view; however that weren’t things i considered to be put in this version. The improved graphics being realized in the original engine is a thing i consider to be quite a feat, considering my limited sphere of knowledge, but zooming in and making woooh does get boringly repetative.
Nonetheless, good times replaying StarCraft.
But the reviews made me think about our expectations for things. Even if the game mechanics and functions would have been adjusted to a contemporary status my guess is that reviewers would have called out the way it tried to appeal to a modern audience. That is the point were at, one has to put his ear to the rails to make out the nuances, and even then it feels like there isn’t genuine joy anymore. Perhaps i’m listening on the wrong rails, perhaps the professionals are to deep in the loop, perhaps it’s just me.
And before i get into the whole “the artist should be allowed to fuck with his art retroactively” i close this volume.

Check out Star Wars Revisited to see what the Special Edition could have been (i’ll point you in the right direction if you want).

But now i’ll close it for real.

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## Ahhhhhhhhh ##

You might have noticed, Steve Dillon passed away. Like with all celebrity deaths i can only say that my thoughts go out to the people left behind because all i knew of him was his work on Preacher and Hellblazer. Both titles brought me back into comics in the late nineties and i always appreciated that his figures weren’t beautiful, but rather real while maintaining an aura of having stepped off a roman or greek temple because to me, they felt like being carved out of stone.

Arte had a neat documentary about the history of prog-rock on last friday. Prog was something i had to claw my way into and craft the wiring in my brain to make sense of.
But that came with a lot of CDs and a few sunday afternoons spent lying on a sofa with headphones on. The joys of youth….

I’ll write about Doctor Strange next week. Certain people who could read this need to be kept in the dark about my opinion.

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# My Pet Monster!-Dinosaur Dracula
Never had one but always looked at one with glossy eyes back when our aunt would send us the Argos toy catalogue from britain.

# UK Govt. Will Address Music ‘Value Gap” as Part of Brexit

# Bucky O’Hare to Return Thanks to Boss Fight Studios
As much as i dug the show, another example of the state of “popular creativity”.

# Good Smile Company: figma Table Museum The Scream
I urge you to click this link because this is the most brilliant toy and the cause why Edvard Munch’s remains are trying to bash in their coffin’s lid.

# Rumor: Ben Affleck’s ‘The Batman’ Script Is a Mess and Warner Bros Doesn’t Care to Fix It
The rumor is interesting, but more interesting are the stories behind the superhero franchises because it feels like the the movies are becoming superfluous and the interesting stuff happens on tv. With Marvel at least, i have up on the DC shows.

Double feature:
# “If Film Rights Were Owned By Marvel, The X-Men Would Probably Still Be The Paramount Book In The Canon” – Chris Claremont Talks Shop At NYCC
# Yes, Marvel Are Paying Chris Claremont Not To Write Comics

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The stress levels are low for the moment. Lots and lots of nightshifts are in my immediate future.
Started doing a german podcast. Nothings published yet but an introduction episode has been recorded and mastered. I’m waiting to grow the stones to post it.

linked no.43

Sorry, only links this week, did not have the capacity to do more than that in my short breaks this week.

# Wonder Woman Sets Off UN Protest: “Comic Book Character Wearing What Looks Like A Playboy Bunny Outfit… A Toxic Message”
The biggest problem in some discussions is, that both sides have valid arguments. Can we go back to living in caves again? Oh, we are?

# Donald Glover Has Been Confirmed As Lando Calrissian In The Young Han Solo Movie
Uhm, why can’t we get a descendant of Lando in a solo movie sonwe can bring them over into the main movies if the opportunity presents itself? Donald Glover in Star Wars will surely be amazing to behold, but i’m generally against the Lando’s Day Off-iffication.

# ‘Informed Consent’ and Why it Doesn’t Work
as a sometimes street photographer this was highly interesting to read

# Finally The Last Guardian Has Gone Gold
i believe it when i see it with my own eyes

# kirbysvision: Two-page Kamandi spreads by Jack Kirby….
I wish no one but himself would have inked his work. But look at the scope of those. Again, not enough credit goes to this man but to the goblin who claims to have created all of this and now makes up superheroes based on football mascots.

# San Francisco’s 58-story “leaning tower” is sinking fast
Why the world looks like it does pt.10846

The owners of the multimillion-dollar apartments worry that they could lose their investments and their lives as there is no end to the subsidence in sight. The company that built the tower blames the city for pumping too much groundwater out of an adjacent building site for a transit hub, while residents point out that the building was sited on 60-90 foot pilings rather than the recommended 240 foot pilings down into the bedrock.

Millennium Partners, who built the tower, insist that everything is fine. Founding partner Chris Jeffries said, “We did this building the right way…The building is 100 percent safe.”

# ‘Knight Rider’ Digital Series Reboot Coming From ‘Fast and Furious’ Director Justin Lin

# Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’ Coming to Netflix in 2017; Five More Cast Members Announced
Because of the popularity of the character it is the next logical step to put the Punisher into his own series, but Frank Castle works better as a catalyst for another character than someone who carries his own series.

# Showrunner Bryan Fuller Leaves Star Trek: Discovery Weeks Before It Will Go Into Production
Is that the new mode for Fuller? Bad joke, i’m sorry, i’m just bummed about the news.

# Photographer Invites Black Metal Band to Join Romantic Engagement Shoot
# Uwe Boll Is Retiring From Filmmaking

# Tamashii Nations 2016 Day 1: Ultraman Reveals
love those designs
# Tamashii Nations 2016 Day 1: Shin Godzilla Reveals
SPOILERS IN THE LINK. Looking forward to seeing the movie someday. The deep affection i harbor for the redesign of the King Of Monsters makes me think about my emotional well being.
# Tamashii Nations 2016 Day 1: Kamen Rider Reveals
SIC Chaser looks great and sometime i have to get a figure of SkyRider.

# Westworld: Dr. Ford’s Gigantic World Sculpting Machine Is A Real Thing

# Marvel Unveils The Unbeatables, Four New Heroes To Fight Inflammatory Bowel Disease

# Our First Look At Garth Ennis And Mauricet’s Dastardly & Muttley, From MCM London Comic Con
That will be one hell of a pigeon. See the intro of the cartoon here.

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## make a man feel like nothing ##

Shoutout to my Dad! He is not only a beautiful individual but a magician who literally pulls people and knowledge out of hats thaat won’t fit another human being.

The cashier of the local supermarket mentioned that we have not seen each other for a long time. I told her i came by once or twice a week but that she wasn’t there and assumed that she was on vacation because the weather was still fine enough to spend some time outdoors. Turns out she was getting a medical check up on the status of her inoperable brain tumor. But she recommended a certain radiation treatment because it only leaves you dizzy for a couple of days. Her tumor hasn’t grown since.
Good news considering where the story started, but i’d rather hear a story about feasting on the solar radiation that manages to reach earth’s surface, specially with such a nice lady.

This week i assume i heard the remains of Alexandre Dumas bang against his coffin’s lid as the Count Of Monte Christo was introduced on the show Once Upon A Time. It’s one of the Wife and my guilt pleasure things. But i have to give them props for their Cinderella episode. They did not go all the way with it but it would have been interesting to see where a show were a Disney princess gets stabbed and dies because of it goes.

A german Rogue One commercial features a girl amongst two boys drawing some Star Wars themed images onto a blackboard and ending with the girl stepping forward to proclaim that she rebels, which made me smile. Yes, it is probably a marketing driven decision, but after the last year of getting certain products that were considered unisex releasing gender specific product lines it is a good thing that one of the biggest cash cows in this galaxy has a female face telling the viewer that she won’t have it anymore.

Saw a short documentary about illegal ivory gathering and how slowly but steadily the areas that the hunters used to kill elephants in are becoming safe zones again. It is sad that this progress is still tied to money[1], but seeing how the animals returned to the space they formerly inhabited is a nice thing to hear and see. A family who built their house on the grounds where a group of elephants used to dwell from time to time stopped putting chlorine in their pool because they would still come and hang out at the estate. In the process the pool became a spot for the group to gather water. The owner got into the ranger program and spends some of his free time on his porch waiting for an elephant to come by and take a sip from the pool. Guy’s face lights up and it seems he tries to suppress blinking to take the whole moment in.

[1] it was said that in those region people either live in nomadic tribal communities, become farmers, ivory hunters or now, rangers. of course we got presented with a former ivory hunter that realized how much pain he caused during his incarceration and joined the rangers, but he also stated that the job of a ranger was not less dangerous it just keeps one out of jail and his conscious clean.

linked [week 40]

# Terry Gilliam’s ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’ Delayed Again.

# Kamandi Challenge To Commemorate Jack Kirby’s 100th Birthday Next Year

# NYCC 16: ‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ Season 2 Trailer & Poster

# Robot stitches a grape back together

Depending ones opinion this next link could either be read as:
# Brisson, Ferrier, Howard, Pires, Rangel, Sebela Launch New Comic Publisher, Two Headed Press, Before NYCC
# Brisson, Ferrier, Howard, Pires, Rangel, and Sebela Launch New Crowdfunding Cartel

# Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’ Gets Premiere Date & New Photo

# Voice of Brock Samson warns us from watching Series Of Unfortunate Events.

# The story of D.B. Cooper, the only unsolved hijacking in American history

# NYCC ’16: Bandai S.H. Figuarts Street Fighter Ryu and Chun-Li
Seeing new Street Fighter figures reminds me of the 3 inch GI Joe versions of them that my brother and i loved and were endlessly thrilled about.

# An open letter to artist/writer Paul Pope that puts him into a rather bad light. Shit, i’m not sure if i’ll spend money on him again if this is true.

# Peter David Talks To Bleeding Cool About *That* New York Comic Con Panel.
If this volume is to happy for you this will bring you down.

# Power Rangers 2017 Movie Trailer Officially Online!
Brrrrr, easy there. It’s a teaser.

[personal] vol.82

## droid butt ##

Collecting is a thing that has been passed down to me by my Grandfather. He collected coins, stamps, newspapers, military regalia, Elastolin figuren[1] , beer mats, books and a slew of other things.
After he died, my Grandmother sold the various collections, and thus the veil was lifted from a fact that most hobbyists ignore: it is worth the most to the collector.
My Grandfather spent a lot of time talking about the monetary value of each of his collections. I liked to listen to him talk about it because it was not only about the money, he tried to teach me about the history of each of the things and through them talk about his life[2]. My best guess is that this is why some create, some collect, some aren’t interested in either and others do both, we like to tell stories. In those stories that we put on shelves, light in a pleasing manner, arrange, trade, hoard, photograph, use, play with or just carry around with us, we put in a piece of our innermost selves. But that also means growth, and a constantly growing collection can become a burden, not only for the collector but for the (significant) others in his life. And also for the collection itself if it keeps growing without proper curation.
I feel bad for taking up so much space in our flat, but frankly, i don’t see it. It became part of life and the selective blindness that comes with it.
That is why i have decided to give some of the stuff away for just the costs of getting it to the person who raised his hand first and whatever that person is willing to give further. Now i have to get myself to cataloging the items[3] and then put them online….

I wrote about it on my blog as well, which reads like one of those lifestyle/declutter/enlightenment-bullshit pieces, where someone tells you about the happiness gained by giving away the things you can easily buy with the cash you have one the side through whatever means once you need it again[4]. I’m deeply enamored by consumerism, so fear none of that from me.

[1] miniatures of native americans (or as we knew them indians), cowboys, knights as well as popular figures from those groups of people like Winnetou or Prince Valiant. look at a few of them here. we bought this one for a colleague who is a magician when it comes to wrangle cables into submission
[2] Of course i only heard half of it and now feel like an idiot for doing so.
[3] 4000 single issues of comics alone….
[4] of course there are exceptions, but i’ve encountered a lot of bullshit artists that preach fasting while feasting on others without their bullshit philosophy wouldn’t work out.

– –

the weakest link

#The Cybertronic Spree is a cover band made up of Transformers. Great cosplay and neat music. i’m obsessed. Their YouTube is a treasure trove.

#MyKaiju juxtaposed the lyrics from the soundtrack of he latest Toho helmed Godzilla movie, Shin Godzilla, with stills from the first Godzilla movie. Powerful stuff that reminds one that Godzilla originally was a story about more than just a giant monster but human nature and that when nature wants you gone, all you can do is tip your hat and leave.

#MyKaiju posted an article about what to expect and what not to expect of Toho’s latest movie in the series, Shin Godzilla.
I anticipated the movie to take Godzilla’s role back to being a manifestation of humanities struggle with nature and how we are building the engines of our own undoing with the best of intents. And how those intents have an effect on others.
I fear those efforts might be lost to a western audience once the movie is released in october.

#The Book About Everything – Reading Alan Moore’s Jerusalem
Haven’t even read through the first ten pages of Against The Day yet, so i guess there is no place for another book of similar size in my life.

#Kickstarting Lotus Dimension, a pacifist RPG
I’m all for peaceful co-existence, but please let my barbarian slay those goblins and feast on meat.

#Be Careful When You Take Off Your Doom Patrol #1 Taco
In case you want to keep the issue in good condition.

#Darkthrone Frontman accidentally elected to local town councilman.

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After changing my phone’s battery without big problems i was sure the Wife’s personal media player would be an equally easy affair due to them being similarly constructed. But once we had pried it open, it became apparent that i was wrong.