Star Wars toy report: Constable Zuvio

Little is known about Constable Zuvio other than he is a constable of the Niima Outpost on the planet Jakku.
There were rumors that he is Boba Fett and or that his armor was fashioned out of the remnants of Boba Fett’s. Given the fact that he is a Kyuzo and that there are other characters that wear the same armor, both rumors are rendered false.
It seems that the good constable is the least sold figure from the selection of Episode VII figures which i don’t understand. I like the design and the aura of the character. He is described as a rather stern and humorless fellow, and the sculpt captures his determination.

3,75 inch version


This version comes with a backpack and a staff.
The deatails on his helmet weapons (he has blasters next to his face and still nobody wants to buy him) and uniform are great. Of course there are a few paint errors, but like on the photo below, they are on sections of the figure that you tend not to display towards the observer.
The backpack is attached via a peg and holds quite nicely. The paint apps on the accessories aren’t as well painted as on the Black Series version, but they still look good to me.



The facial sculpt captures the tone of the character description perfectly. Always alert, always ready to keep the peace (hopefully).



Black Series version

This version of the character packes an even bigger punch than its 3.75 inch counterpart. If you get one with a decent painjob. Some of the figures have an error in the painted on eyes which rob the figure of its menacing glare.


Like his smaller counterpart, the figure comes with a staff and the backpack. But these version of the accessories, like his armor and clothing have a great paintjob, showing that these tools are used in the harsh enviroment of a desert world







The backpack holds onto the figure via a peg. The tunic has three holes in it that fit the straps and give the illusion that they run beneath his tunic.


And two shots of which i could not decide on and therefore will include both of Zuvio being serious.



 This figure is my secret favourite. The big top hat is something one has to warm up to, but once its accepted handling and posing this figure is a lot of fun. The character seems to be formed by his surroundings, a desert planet that demands a lot of work from its inhabitants to ensure their survival. And not only is he occupied with keeping himself alive, he also tasked himself with, hopefully, keeping the peace among the community.
I’m lookin forward to seeing him in the movie and playing with the figures again.


Star Wars toy report: Poe Dameron (Black Series)

Flying for the Resistance under the callsign Black Leader, Poe Dameron leads a Squadron of X-Wings in the fight against the First Order.
From the comic series Shattered Empire we know that his parents were survivors of the Battle of Endor, and stayed in the service of the New Republic afterwards until they settled down on Yavin 4 to spend more time as a family instead of being scattered across the galaxy in the fight against the remnants of the Empire.
It seems like he is rescued by Finn after being captured by the First Order and interrogated by Kylo Ren.
He grew up near a force sensitive tree, given to his mother by Luke Skywalker, who she helped remove two of the trees from an Imperial research facility.
I have always had a soft spot for pilots in the Star Wars universe. Wedge Antilles is one of my favourite characters from the movies and the former expanded universe, Hera Syndulla is the glue that holds her Rebel cell together, Han and Lando back up their big mouths with their skills and it seems that Poe Dameron fits that mold.

Black Series Pilot version


This is the first figure from the Black Series line for Episode VII that is hard to talk about. Because no matter how many positive things there are to say, the face sculpt negates them all.



And it doesn’t get better with the helmet on.


But if you adjust the angle and the lighting you can get a decent photo of his countenance.




But that won’t make one forget the stroke he must have suffered and robbed him of the control of the right side of his face.
Also, the helmet is a nice addition, but doesn’t really fit the figure but is cheaper than a seperate head with a sculpted on helmet and finally, is that Oscar Isaac?

The rest of the figure is ok. The flightsuit and helmet both look great and have neat details on it.



The figure comes with a blaster pistol that can be stored in a holster and two hands without the gloves on but in the same grip poses.
It would have been nice to get two relaxed hands in gloves instead.




I looked forward to recieving this figure, and perhaps i got a very bad example of it because i bought my figure from a lot of used ones.

Black Series Uniform version

This version of Poe Dameron comes packaged with a Riot Trooper, but is only sold in certain stores in the US and UK.
This one comes dressed in the uniform of the Resistance, a white verison of the pilot helmet (which doesn’t look as good as the black version) and a rifle version of the blaster design that you get with the Finn figure.


The face sculpt on this figure is a huge improvement over the pilot version. It is still not perfect, but resemlbes Oscar Isaac likeness more.


Again, a different angle makes the difference.




In this version, the helmet also looks out of place.


Here is a detailed shot of his rifle and his jacket. The jacket in particular looks good. The red applications on the shoulder parts of the jacket are a bit distracting for me, but it gives him a swashbuckler aura that fits the character.



The face sculpt isn’t perfect on this figure, but at least one gets a decent head to put on the pilot version body.

It is a shame that Hasbro released such a badly sculpted figure. I’m aware that we are talking about a mass produced toy, and the other figures do not resemble the actors liknesses as well as a Hot Toys version would, but at least you can see an aspect of them in their toy counterpart, which is hard to do in this case.