Seems i like the Star Wars Centerpiece figures

When i hear the announcement about the “reboot” of the Star Wars Unleashed figures, this time under the Centerpiece brand.
Looking at the promotional image of Luke Skywalker in his flightsuit from Empire, lightsaber in hand stepping over the foot of a fallen AT-AT, i was reminded of how much i liked the Unleashed series back in the days, but ultimately let them go. has photos from Toy Fair 2017 that shows how two of the Centerpiece figures look like combined with the regular six inch figures from The Black Series; and that ignited a sense of symphathy for them in my inner collector.

But with the onslaught of products that will be released due to the 40th anniversary of A New Hope and all the unknown things that will swim in on the tidal wave that is Episode VIII collectors like memight have to prioritize even more than we’re used to.

Star Wars Filmumentaries

Jamie Benning makes Filmumentaries. That means that he cuts audio snippets, concept art, alternate takes/angles and general information into a movie, a multi-media commentary of sorts. And he made one for every Star Wars movie of The Trilogy.

At first i thought that i would not like this method of conveying additional information [1] but to my surprise it works very well. I was not only watching some of my favourite movies, i was educated about them. Little things like Peter Cushing’s footwear in a certain scene are still getting a delightful chuckle out of me.

Hopefully they’ll entertain you as much as they did me.

# Star Wars Begins
# Building Empire
# Returning To Jedi

[1] Sometimes a commentary track is to much for me and i have to rip them and play them on a portable playback device.

K-2SO featurette

In case you have not noticed, Rogue One is arriving in theatres this week and it will feature what should be almost everybodies favourite droid, K-2SO, which is based/voiced on an performance by Alan Tudyk.
The design has already sold me on the character. It feels like a logical variation on the protocol droid design with an emphasis on intimidation.
Hopefully the canon version is as good as my head-canon one.

[rambling] Rogue One trailer #2 thoughts

Yesterday we got the final trailer for the next cinematic Star Wars installment, Rogue One.
Of course i was looking forward to its release, but after watching it, i must admit that it did not excite me as the other trailers did.

Lets start on a high note shall we?
The few glimpses of material do remind us that this is not a “classic” Star Wars movie. The opening of the trailer, which also serves as an introduction to Galen Erso reminded me of a western. And the look that Orson Krennic gives him does imply that there is more than just a “i have come to take you away” story but an actual history between them.
Scale is also an important component of this movie. The fallen statue of what i presume is a jedi knight, the Star Destroyer looming above a town, the AT-ST walker in urban combat, the feet of an AT-ACT walker in pursuit of Baze Malbus and Chirrut Imwe[1], how large Krennic seems when he explains the magnitude of power the silent but deadly centerpiece of the movie, the Death Star.
And there is tension. Nobody in this movie seems save[2]. The plans for the death star need to be acquired, we never hear about the fate of the people who procured the plans of the first battle station.
The costumes are great. It feels like a blend of the uniforms and clothing we saw in the 70s and 80s in episodes IV and V.
Also, we finally got to see Bodhi Rook the character instead of the action figure and K-2SO will be a more active droid than we’ve previously witnessed.

And here is where my gripes start. And they’re all made up on assumptions, so please add a grain of salt to the following words.
Rogue One seems to be the callsign of the U-Wing starship and while i understand the significance of the designation and the history that it probably will have among the rebellion, it always seem odd to have the name of the movie mentioned in its narrative[3].
All the motivational talk, while surely being necessary in running a rebellion against a regime and also being a great callback to the intention of the original movie[4], but kind of took me out of the experience.
And Vader….why bring Vader in when Tarkin would have fit better into the story (from what i know of it at this point in time). Yes, replicating Peter Cushing’s likeness could have resulted in a CGI mess and it is far easier and cost efficient to put someone into a full body costume and get James Earl Jones to say a few lines. But we know Vader’s opinion about the death star and while his visit might have the intention of giving Krennic a slap on the wrist, i’d rather have Tarkin trying to take the project away from him.
And the Death Troopers….i took a looooong look at the various toys and for me, their design works much better when they’re in motion. So perhaps we should file them under “they’re alright”.

Anyway, after the 16th of december we’ll all be smarter in that department, and with all the merchandise that has already been purchased, the movie probably earned a small sum of money.

[1] the names in this movie are amazing!
[2] except Vader of course.
[3] someone at the end could add “with all the different planets we’ve visited in the last couple of days and the planet sized weapon we’ve encountered, we could call our memoirs “A Star Wars Story“.
[4] being a war movie inspired sci-fi movie.

trying to say “no”

Tomorrow isRogue Friday“, the official start date for a new selection of Star Wars related products, this time centered around the next movie in the franchise, Rogue One, to be put on the market.
Last year i spent a ridicolous amount of money on toys and books, but this year i’m trying to keep myself in check.

This year i’m focussing on the droid, K2SO,the 3.75” figure line and the artbook for Rogue One. The six inch Black Series line has been dissapointing for in the last couple of months. They are hard to come by here in austria and somehow the five points of articulation don’t feel as restrictive as many people are complaining about.

Lets see if my plan works or if i turn into a mindless shopping drone once i’m in a toy store.