Seems i like the Star Wars Centerpiece figures

When i hear the announcement about the “reboot” of the Star Wars Unleashed figures, this time under the Centerpiece brand.
Looking at the promotional image of Luke Skywalker in his flightsuit from Empire, lightsaber in hand stepping over the foot of a fallen AT-AT, i was reminded of how much i liked the Unleashed series back in the days, but ultimately let them go. has photos from Toy Fair 2017 that shows how two of the Centerpiece figures look like combined with the regular six inch figures from The Black Series; and that ignited a sense of symphathy for them in my inner collector.

But with the onslaught of products that will be released due to the 40th anniversary of A New Hope and all the unknown things that will swim in on the tidal wave that is Episode VIII collectors like memight have to prioritize even more than we’re used to.


Just a short disclaimer:
There is a big show i’m working on this and the next week and if you weren’t satisfied with the volumes preceding this one, i guess it won’t get any better because frankly i realized that i planned on writing one on the way to work yesterday.

We finally saw the live-action version of The Jungle Book which was surprisingly good. After a while the brain removes the layer of knowledge that only Mowgli and perhaps a few trees are real while everything else has been generated on a computer. Even if the movie wasn’t as enjoyable we still got the photos from the set that illustrate the long way computer generated tapestry has come.
I think that in the book Mowgli sends a few animals out to trample the village he later lives in because a jealous hunter gets him and his adoptive parents prosecuted for practicing sorcery. With the ending, it would be great to see how the rest of the Jungle Book gets interpreted. Wasn’t Kaa also an ally in one story?
Greatest thing about the movie is the credit scene with the animated dioramas.
And i want a talk show with Balu’s pals repeating each others sentences/words because that was the funniest bit for me.

Haven’t written about Luka Cage yet. Jones and Cage are what really make these Marvel shows shine. Daredevil was great but, but here we got a much more nuanced story that did not suffer a lack of action. I heard that the start was to slow for some people, i felt like they put a cinderblock onto the gas pedal and left it there.
What bothered me was the Rosario Dawson as a romantic interest part and that Cottonmouth was taken out to early because Diamondback was bland/formulaic in comparison.
Anybody else had the feeling that some special effects were timed/filmed a bit odd? If it’s the case, i wonder what was the intention behind it.
I don’t get the claims that the show is racist because it lacks white people and the white cop being a crook. Of course i was upset when this was revealed but i did not see it as a hidden message that all white people are.
And that makes me think about Iron Fist. But the people who worked on it hopefully did not make a show about a white guy being the best asian.

There is a scripted reality show about an animal clinic on german television. And of course there are segments where a patient gets euthanized. I don’t want to go into the rights of people being treated equally when it comes to ending a suffering person’s life, but rather the circumstances of the segment i saw.
While performing a surgery, the vet decides to call the dogs owner because even when he succeeds, the dog will be on his table in a few months again and the ailment won’t be any better than before the surgery. A small window of an almost pain free time could be achieved during recovering. So he calls the owner and she agrees. And during that phone call the veterinarian says “This is a good moment because he’s anesthetized and won’t feel anything.” That is were an alarm wen’t off inside my brain. A few months ago i saw an interview during a documentary about the history of surgery where when asked about the effects of anesthesia on the brain the doc said “We don’t know. All i know is that we numb the nervous system and most people don’t have any recollection or awareness of whatever went on while under anesthesia.” I don’t want to say that all doctors are liars but the vet could have said that it’s most likely that he won’t feel anything this time. Just a little thing that bothered me.
Perhaps because a dentist called me out for needing to shots because i was still in pain when he pulled at a wisdom tooth.


## make a man feel like nothing ##

Shoutout to my Dad! He is not only a beautiful individual but a magician who literally pulls people and knowledge out of hats thaat won’t fit another human being.

The cashier of the local supermarket mentioned that we have not seen each other for a long time. I told her i came by once or twice a week but that she wasn’t there and assumed that she was on vacation because the weather was still fine enough to spend some time outdoors. Turns out she was getting a medical check up on the status of her inoperable brain tumor. But she recommended a certain radiation treatment because it only leaves you dizzy for a couple of days. Her tumor hasn’t grown since.
Good news considering where the story started, but i’d rather hear a story about feasting on the solar radiation that manages to reach earth’s surface, specially with such a nice lady.

This week i assume i heard the remains of Alexandre Dumas bang against his coffin’s lid as the Count Of Monte Christo was introduced on the show Once Upon A Time. It’s one of the Wife and my guilt pleasure things. But i have to give them props for their Cinderella episode. They did not go all the way with it but it would have been interesting to see where a show were a Disney princess gets stabbed and dies because of it goes.

A german Rogue One commercial features a girl amongst two boys drawing some Star Wars themed images onto a blackboard and ending with the girl stepping forward to proclaim that she rebels, which made me smile. Yes, it is probably a marketing driven decision, but after the last year of getting certain products that were considered unisex releasing gender specific product lines it is a good thing that one of the biggest cash cows in this galaxy has a female face telling the viewer that she won’t have it anymore.

Saw a short documentary about illegal ivory gathering and how slowly but steadily the areas that the hunters used to kill elephants in are becoming safe zones again. It is sad that this progress is still tied to money[1], but seeing how the animals returned to the space they formerly inhabited is a nice thing to hear and see. A family who built their house on the grounds where a group of elephants used to dwell from time to time stopped putting chlorine in their pool because they would still come and hang out at the estate. In the process the pool became a spot for the group to gather water. The owner got into the ranger program and spends some of his free time on his porch waiting for an elephant to come by and take a sip from the pool. Guy’s face lights up and it seems he tries to suppress blinking to take the whole moment in.

[1] it was said that in those region people either live in nomadic tribal communities, become farmers, ivory hunters or now, rangers. of course we got presented with a former ivory hunter that realized how much pain he caused during his incarceration and joined the rangers, but he also stated that the job of a ranger was not less dangerous it just keeps one out of jail and his conscious clean.

[rambling] Rogue One trailer #2 thoughts

Yesterday we got the final trailer for the next cinematic Star Wars installment, Rogue One.
Of course i was looking forward to its release, but after watching it, i must admit that it did not excite me as the other trailers did.

Lets start on a high note shall we?
The few glimpses of material do remind us that this is not a “classic” Star Wars movie. The opening of the trailer, which also serves as an introduction to Galen Erso reminded me of a western. And the look that Orson Krennic gives him does imply that there is more than just a “i have come to take you away” story but an actual history between them.
Scale is also an important component of this movie. The fallen statue of what i presume is a jedi knight, the Star Destroyer looming above a town, the AT-ST walker in urban combat, the feet of an AT-ACT walker in pursuit of Baze Malbus and Chirrut Imwe[1], how large Krennic seems when he explains the magnitude of power the silent but deadly centerpiece of the movie, the Death Star.
And there is tension. Nobody in this movie seems save[2]. The plans for the death star need to be acquired, we never hear about the fate of the people who procured the plans of the first battle station.
The costumes are great. It feels like a blend of the uniforms and clothing we saw in the 70s and 80s in episodes IV and V.
Also, we finally got to see Bodhi Rook the character instead of the action figure and K-2SO will be a more active droid than we’ve previously witnessed.

And here is where my gripes start. And they’re all made up on assumptions, so please add a grain of salt to the following words.
Rogue One seems to be the callsign of the U-Wing starship and while i understand the significance of the designation and the history that it probably will have among the rebellion, it always seem odd to have the name of the movie mentioned in its narrative[3].
All the motivational talk, while surely being necessary in running a rebellion against a regime and also being a great callback to the intention of the original movie[4], but kind of took me out of the experience.
And Vader….why bring Vader in when Tarkin would have fit better into the story (from what i know of it at this point in time). Yes, replicating Peter Cushing’s likeness could have resulted in a CGI mess and it is far easier and cost efficient to put someone into a full body costume and get James Earl Jones to say a few lines. But we know Vader’s opinion about the death star and while his visit might have the intention of giving Krennic a slap on the wrist, i’d rather have Tarkin trying to take the project away from him.
And the Death Troopers….i took a looooong look at the various toys and for me, their design works much better when they’re in motion. So perhaps we should file them under “they’re alright”.

Anyway, after the 16th of december we’ll all be smarter in that department, and with all the merchandise that has already been purchased, the movie probably earned a small sum of money.

[1] the names in this movie are amazing!
[2] except Vader of course.
[3] someone at the end could add “with all the different planets we’ve visited in the last couple of days and the planet sized weapon we’ve encountered, we could call our memoirs “A Star Wars Story“.
[4] being a war movie inspired sci-fi movie.

[personal] vol.84

## set the controls for the heart of the sun ##


i must admit i was lazy this week. The title of this volume is a testament to that. If you’r out of ideas, ask Pink Floyd for theirs. Usually i have the new volume written by wednesday. This week i wasn’t sure what i should write about. The plan was to do a thing about an issue of What If but i could not procure the issue in question digitally and my printed copy was one of the things that came apart over the years.

Don’t worry, it won’t be as Star Wars heavy as it might sound at the beginning
Friday was this years “Force/Rogue Friday” the official start-date for newly branded Star Wars merchandise, focusing on the next cinematic entry, Rogue One. Part of the event is that stores open their doors on midnight and hand out a few freebies[1].
Except for austria.
Last year i planned on taking the day off but decided against it in the end because i feared a co-worker would be buried under work. Later that day we drove to the local Toys R Us and i have to admit it was stocked fairly well. This year i took the morning off and stood in front of the ToysRUs ten minutes before they open.
Except for the Lego sets and a few cardboard K-2SO figures there was no product on the shelves. But for the K-2SO Lego figure i bought, i got a large poster[2].
When asking one of the store clerks about the midnight sale he told me that he would have worked for free and would have handled the whole store singlehandedly because he wanted to buy the stuff as early as possible. But austria is not the target market and working at such hours in the business is costly for the employer.
And here is where the meat of this volume lies: working conditions. Thursday brought an open union meeting with it, at which we were told that after having lost ~25% of our yearly payment in 2010 wasn’t enough. But that is not what i want to write about, rather that the equilibrium between employer and employee is broken. I was raised in a “union household” and i deeply believe in workers rights. The people who have the foresight and stubbornness to build a business should be rewarded accordingly, but workers should have rights too. And currently i feel like unions aren’t the right people to represent the working people. Of course the rules and regulations that are in place today are valuable assets in trying to keep the process “fair” but they also make it harder for everybody to actually do their job. Models and rules that have been agreed upon can’t keep up with modern society anymore. Times have gotten faster, jobs have changed and closing oneself off trying to suppress change with forced ignorance won’t do any good.
But i’m just a hurt blue collar worker who’s to stupid to build something that is his own.

[1] Star Wars themed bricks will be all the rage next year.
[2] the Wife wanted to look for new running shoes so i returned today (saturday) and claimed a few figures. thank you Wife!!

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i’m not sure therapy is working

trying to say “no”

Tomorrow isRogue Friday“, the official start date for a new selection of Star Wars related products, this time centered around the next movie in the franchise, Rogue One, to be put on the market.
Last year i spent a ridicolous amount of money on toys and books, but this year i’m trying to keep myself in check.

This year i’m focussing on the droid, K2SO,the 3.75” figure line and the artbook for Rogue One. The six inch Black Series line has been dissapointing for in the last couple of months. They are hard to come by here in austria and somehow the five points of articulation don’t feel as restrictive as many people are complaining about.

Lets see if my plan works or if i turn into a mindless shopping drone once i’m in a toy store.

[review] Star Wars day pt.2: Episode VII review

Before i start, i must apologize. I falsely assumed that this post was already made official last year, but it still sat there in WordPress’s Draft section. With a new Star Wars movie on it’s way to the theatre screens, and the fact that i saw Episode VII four more times since i wrote this post the first time, i thought perhaps it is a good time to get “nostalgic” and talk about the start of the “new” Star Wars movies.
Continue reading “[review] Star Wars day pt.2: Episode VII review”

[personal] vol.82

## droid butt ##

Collecting is a thing that has been passed down to me by my Grandfather. He collected coins, stamps, newspapers, military regalia, Elastolin figuren[1] , beer mats, books and a slew of other things.
After he died, my Grandmother sold the various collections, and thus the veil was lifted from a fact that most hobbyists ignore: it is worth the most to the collector.
My Grandfather spent a lot of time talking about the monetary value of each of his collections. I liked to listen to him talk about it because it was not only about the money, he tried to teach me about the history of each of the things and through them talk about his life[2]. My best guess is that this is why some create, some collect, some aren’t interested in either and others do both, we like to tell stories. In those stories that we put on shelves, light in a pleasing manner, arrange, trade, hoard, photograph, use, play with or just carry around with us, we put in a piece of our innermost selves. But that also means growth, and a constantly growing collection can become a burden, not only for the collector but for the (significant) others in his life. And also for the collection itself if it keeps growing without proper curation.
I feel bad for taking up so much space in our flat, but frankly, i don’t see it. It became part of life and the selective blindness that comes with it.
That is why i have decided to give some of the stuff away for just the costs of getting it to the person who raised his hand first and whatever that person is willing to give further. Now i have to get myself to cataloging the items[3] and then put them online….

I wrote about it on my blog as well, which reads like one of those lifestyle/declutter/enlightenment-bullshit pieces, where someone tells you about the happiness gained by giving away the things you can easily buy with the cash you have one the side through whatever means once you need it again[4]. I’m deeply enamored by consumerism, so fear none of that from me.

[1] miniatures of native americans (or as we knew them indians), cowboys, knights as well as popular figures from those groups of people like Winnetou or Prince Valiant. look at a few of them here. we bought this one for a colleague who is a magician when it comes to wrangle cables into submission
[2] Of course i only heard half of it and now feel like an idiot for doing so.
[3] 4000 single issues of comics alone….
[4] of course there are exceptions, but i’ve encountered a lot of bullshit artists that preach fasting while feasting on others without their bullshit philosophy wouldn’t work out.

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the weakest link

#The Cybertronic Spree is a cover band made up of Transformers. Great cosplay and neat music. i’m obsessed. Their YouTube is a treasure trove.

#MyKaiju juxtaposed the lyrics from the soundtrack of he latest Toho helmed Godzilla movie, Shin Godzilla, with stills from the first Godzilla movie. Powerful stuff that reminds one that Godzilla originally was a story about more than just a giant monster but human nature and that when nature wants you gone, all you can do is tip your hat and leave.

#MyKaiju posted an article about what to expect and what not to expect of Toho’s latest movie in the series, Shin Godzilla.
I anticipated the movie to take Godzilla’s role back to being a manifestation of humanities struggle with nature and how we are building the engines of our own undoing with the best of intents. And how those intents have an effect on others.
I fear those efforts might be lost to a western audience once the movie is released in october.

#The Book About Everything – Reading Alan Moore’s Jerusalem
Haven’t even read through the first ten pages of Against The Day yet, so i guess there is no place for another book of similar size in my life.

#Kickstarting Lotus Dimension, a pacifist RPG
I’m all for peaceful co-existence, but please let my barbarian slay those goblins and feast on meat.

#Be Careful When You Take Off Your Doom Patrol #1 Taco
In case you want to keep the issue in good condition.

#Darkthrone Frontman accidentally elected to local town councilman.

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After changing my phone’s battery without big problems i was sure the Wife’s personal media player would be an equally easy affair due to them being similarly constructed. But once we had pried it open, it became apparent that i was wrong.