Asteroids In Exile ep.10

Niv and i got together to start a new season of our podcast, Asteroids In Exile.

We talk about what we have been watching, trailers, Star Wars and amongst other things, we are very judgemental about the DC-Comics based movies.

Listen to it here, or tune your favourtie podcatcher.

Thank You for your time!

Star Wars Rebels mid-season trailer

I’m hyped.
Being a tad disappointed by Rogue One, i forgot about the continuation of the third season of Star Wars Rebels.

Star Wars Filmumentaries

Jamie Benning makes Filmumentaries. That means that he cuts audio snippets, concept art, alternate takes/angles and general information into a movie, a multi-media commentary of sorts. And he made one for every Star Wars movie of The Trilogy.

At first i thought that i would not like this method of conveying additional information [1] but to my surprise it works very well. I was not only watching some of my favourite movies, i was educated about them. Little things like Peter Cushing’s footwear in a certain scene are still getting a delightful chuckle out of me.

Hopefully they’ll entertain you as much as they did me.

# Star Wars Begins
# Building Empire
# Returning To Jedi

[1] Sometimes a commentary track is to much for me and i have to rip them and play them on a portable playback device.