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[read] The Omega Men tpb (2017)

With the Tom King train on full speed, i decided to check out Omega Men, which i ignored during it’s publication in single issues.
That title left me devastated, like any other King title, but the path to that final punch in the nuts is a fascinating one. The lines that are usuaally drawn in heavily pigmented black ink isn’t clearly defined, and in the middle of the fog of war is Kyle Raynor; trying to navigate the grey zone as well as possible.
The artwork further drives the point across that no one in this comic is acting out of true altruism. Everything seems to have taken a short bath in a black wash that won’t come off.


[read] Kamandi challenge No.1 (2017)


Great idea: twelve different artists/writer teams write an installment each month, leaving the cliffhanger to be solved by the next team. In the next issue the team from the preceding issue will write their idea of the conclusion for their cliffhanger in the letters section.
I don’t buy the paragraph about DC not being able to settle on a team for an ongoing.
That aside, i dug the issue. Picks up a lot from the classic first issue, Giffen and Eaglesham are doing their best to honor the King while retaining their styles while the story moves at a rather fast pce for our decompressed age.

leave that oversized baby alone!

Spoiler for a 30 year old comic in the following text.
Around 1990 my brother and i inherited a box full of comics. Most of them Marvel and DC issues translated and repacked into digest sized collections by then active german publisher Condor. Among them was Captain America Taschenbuch Nr.1.


It collected the issues 305 to 313 of the US Captain America comics, which were published around 1986. Like all the other comics in the box, we read this one from cover to cover until it came apart. This book also got confiscated because i read it during religious education[1]. But why this particular book stuck with me was because of issue no.313: Modok Screams Bloody Murder[2].
In the issue, Bushmaster and Daimondback of the Serpent Society are diving to a submarine used by AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics, another villainous organization in the Marvel Universe) and discover that MODOK was hiding there. They engage in battle.

At this point in my comic reading life, i was aware that no tears should have been spilled over whoever lost the battle, but nontheless i was startled by the actions taken to ensure Modok would not leave the craft alive and how helpless the character was without his chair.


Modok manages to save his hide, but with his chair badly damaged he hides in the hanger of a parked truck.
Bushmaster was severly damaged in the fight and Daimondback contacts the Serpent Society which starts the hunt.


The thing that grabbed me here was Princess Python and Death Adder in the fourth panel one the lower right corner. It must be very dangerous to hang around in elevator shafts with trenchcoats instead of a rather slim fitting outfit.
Meanwhile, Captain America visits his hotline’s offices to look who needs his aid and learns of a hacker. When investigating who tried to manipulate the line, he learns that a few computer savy people just wanted to help him filter and prioritize the calls that come in and makes him aware of reports about an extraterrestrial craft. Cap investigates and stumbles upon the Serpent Society agents that have Modok cornered in a Mall.
Cap engages in battle, which reminds us of the time this comic was written.


It would be a shame to send off such a hunk. And lust becomes her undoing.
The next two pages “haunt” me to this day.



They killed Modok. That was something that i did not yet encounter in comics. At the most, people got wounded badly but recovered. Today we make a snide remark about the death of a comic character in a mainstream title, and since then Modok has seen the ink of a printer again and again, with his depiction in Ales Kot’s run on Secret Avengers being one of my favourties.


I guess what i’m trying to say is, that this was one of the moments where something i read provoked a genuine emotional reaction. And it’s echo still rings with almost the same intensity into the present,where it’s being heard by a more seasoned set of ears.

And to bring this whole thing full circle, here’s Modok’s first appearance from Tales Of Suspence no.94 by the King, Jack Kirby and the guy who exploited a lot of talented people.


[1] A class you had to participate in if you were christened and your parents valued their freedom, which is strange considering the churches were nonetheless filled with the same people on sundays. And none of them were memebers of my schoolmates families.
[2] Modok auf der Flucht in german which translates to Modok On the Run

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comic reviews [31/2016]

Ms. Marvel no.9 (2016)


A lot of Marvel titles are making Captain Marvel’s precog determined arrests a topic, and while i can see ex-SHIELD personel being on board because they have witnessed some shit over time and need more time to process, the kids in Ms. Marvel march to the drums because they get to use their powers to do good. And oftentimes they want to do their job a bit to good.
The people that get hurt here aren’t fortunate enough to have had their name on a cover in recent time, it’s the mostly regular janes and joes suffering for the greater good.

Lucky Luke Homage 1: Der Mann der Lucky Luke erschoƟ (2016)


Not being able to read the french original i got the german translation. It captures the spirit of the classic comics, but Matthieu Bonhomme’s art, leaving out the Dalton brothers, injecting a drop of A Fistful Of Dollars as well as giving nostalgia a character lets the book feel modern despite the classic dressing of the cover.
I’ll ask my Dad if he could lend me his collection so i can give my memories a new coat of paint.

Giant Days no.17 (2016)


This issue reminded me of the years spent hunting for a job that could “secure” my future for a while. No matter how legit people made things out to be, i was participating in dubious matters and my silence was bought rather than my work compensated.
Long way to say: i enjoy the book. Story and artwise its another great example of the John Allison brand of entertainment being a hyper realistic look into how we imagine the world to be.

Paper Girls no.8 (2016)


I don’t know how Mr. Vaughn does it. “Nothing” is happening, but you’re looking forward to more.

Black Science no.23 (2016)


Black Science stays as awesome as ever. Even if Grant’s monologues get on ones nerves, it makes the stress situation he’s in more authentic. He’s not better, his focus just shifted to trying to make everything right.

Superman no.4 (2016)


So far except for Aquaman, Rebirth has been a disappointment. But this issue managed to get the Superman feeling going. Seeing Clark and his son work together is a joy to watch. Supes finally taking on the role that was his from the beginning is an actual progress.

Klaus no.7 (2016)


The perfect comic to read with your loved ones once the holidays come around. I immensely enjoyed this title and am looking forward to see what Morisson does with the Easter Bunny.
But seriously, the Superman iconography in this issue make it a festive treat. Oh, and aliens are responsible for everything of course.

Aquaman no.4 (2016)


My favourite Rebirth title. This issue might have gone a rather foreseeable way it feels like finally something is done with the character. And that is something that i miss with the relaunch. Not that nobody is trying, but here it feels like a path has been mapped out.

all photos taken for review purposes, copyriht lies with the repective woners

comic reviews [30/2016]

I missed last weeks reviews and am late this week. But i did not have much time to either read or think about comics to much so i’m trying to catch up here. Not the most fresh things, but i was reminded this week that the weekly grind isn’t that important.

Without further ado, let’s start.

Dark Night: A True Batman Story (2016)


Talking about this comic is hard. First of all, it is a very honest look into a very difficult period of Paul Dini’s life, and while other writers pack their life lessons into fictional stories, we get a certain part of the truth with this. Works such as this take me some time to read. With such a serious matter one has to be in the right frame of mind and create a save enough environment.
First of all, let me say that the artwork by Eduardo Risso feels uninspired. He never was my favourite artist, but what makes him stand-out is the sheer savagery and brutality in his work. He manages to portray the animals that we still are, and while it suits the part that becomes the catalyst of the story told, it doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the book[1].
The story….well, it is part of a therapeutic process. A very open part of the process, but different strokes for different folks. And i think this comic was not written with the intent of putting it’s author under a spotlight, but rather as a reminder that we are all existing in the same reality, and that it takes bravery, honesty and asking and accepting help to overcome obstacles.
And sometimes, we are our own obstacles.

[1] But if you ask me who might have been a better fit to illustrate the story the only name that comes up is Frank Quitely, either of the Ba/Moon twins or Darick Robertson.

Rumble no.12 (2016)

We take a look back to when Rathraq paved the way for mankind and slew the Esu-King Asura, who is currently in possesion of his body while Bobby is haunted by nightmares.
i love this book. Even in a set up issue like this one it manages to be full of frenetic action and emotion.
Furthermore, after a rather black and white start, the border between good and bad guys becomes more and more diluted.

Aquaman no.3 (2016)

It feels to me like all the wrong books in DC’s Rebirth continuity are becoming all the attention. Aquaman has a good comic and nobody seems to talks about it….seriously, this title could be the one to “end all superhero comics”. Yes, it might use themes and imagery seen in Man Of Steel, but i guess Dan Abnett will take it on a more thoughtful route.

Civil WarII: Chossing Sides no.2 (2016)


It was good to see Misty Knight again. I juxt wish that one issue in which Danny and her had a kid and were happy would be canon. The rest of the book feels….i don’t know how to put it, but even though the outcome of Civil War II will set up the next few months of stores in the Marvel Universe, it doesn’t feel to have an impact on the day-to-day business of the Marvel Universe.

Lazarus no.23 (2016)

Lazarus no.23

This issue closes with a statement that sent a chill down my spine. The whole issue feels like a caged animal, sitting coiled up in the corner of its cage as it hears a keeper unlocking the door.

Scooby Apocalypse no.3 (2016)

Scooby Apocalypse no.3

Still doing new things. Disturbing things taking the material it is based on. The flashback was a downer at first, but working it into dialogue or another action sequence wouldn’t have worked given the state of the gang at the start of this issue.

Star Wars no.21 (2016)

Star Wars no.21

We get a look at what has been unleashed on our heroes, a fist carrying a scalpel. The empire strikes back indeed. But we also get the motivation behind the new Sarge of the squad, whom we know as the imperial double agent in Fabio-Jabba’s arena. Everything used to be black and white.

Future Quest no.3 (2016)

Future Quest no.3

I still like the series and was excited about Steve Rude on art, but with the rather long backstory that introduces us to the Herculiods, it feels like a plan b issue. Doesn’t matter, it was a fun read that still conveys the feeling of a Hanna Barbera cartoon, this time a Birdman solo one.

Jupiter’s Legacy vol.2 no.2 (2016)

Jupiter's Legacy vol.2 no.2

Like with the first issue, the art fells off. But i look at this panel and what i saw of Frank Quitely’s process in the What Do Artists Do All Day documentary about him and get a new appreciation.
The story, well, the rebellion is underway. Neat ideas and further revelations about the ruthlessness of Brandon and how little he thinks of his parents values.

Divinity II no.4 (2016)

Divinity II no.4

A little kindness goes a long way, in this case a long way for everybody. But it alao makes on ask if Abraham’s plan will backfire on him.
“Where will this lead?” is my main question. The series was great like the first one, but the ending and set up for the next Divinity series feels odd. Valiant has been careful with each of its releases and they have my trust that the end of Divinity III will make we look for my socks.

The Autumnslands: Tooth & Claw no.12 (2016)

The Autumnslands: Tooth & Claw no.12

With the current political discussions about the rights of an AI, this issue gets a whole new level of relevance. And while we live through the heartbreak and hope is kindled….let’s say that we speak comic and know what comes next.

East Of West no.28 (2016)

East Of West no.28

More set up for the end times and the fallout from lasst issue. But it’s just so enjoyable. This issue was worth the time and money for the humor in it alone.

Transformers: Titans Return (2016)

Transformers: Titans Return

It has been a while since i’ve read a Transformers comic, and i have not a clue what is going on here, but i like the humour and that Autobots and Decepticons are working together now. And it seems to set up Headmasters and the Revolution event which looks insane.

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comics 28/2016

Vision no.9 (2016)

Three more issues. This series needs a complete hardcover edition as soon as it’s over. But with all the character work being done so far, there is a fear that it might be rushed to its conclusion. Lets trust in Tom King shall we?
I never mentioned how Gabrial Hernandez Malta’s artwork while not being typically super-heroic delivers the atronger impact with the emotional beats.

Wrath Of The Eternal Warrior no.9 (2016)

What a fist pumper! Gilad is loose in the Sovereign’s Labirynth and boy, the Wrath is real.
I’ve read that some people are at odds with the pace, but seeing how this and the issue before it unfolded, i must see the pace was just right. The brutal imagery of Gilead’s many death and the struggle he undergoes to return to the world of the living put such a weight on the reader, that it is almost a relief to see him wreak havoc. Sadly, against some goons instead of the instigator of Gilad’s suffering.

Power Man and Iron Fist no.6 (2016)

This issue is the best thing that has so far come out of Civil War II. The reaction of the protagonists to the events unfolding mirrors that of many comic readers. But not enough to warrant Marvel overthink their publishing plan. But while they are brought up to speed on the events, former vilains are being targeted by a group of vigilantes and a group of reformed and acting baddies are hiring Luke Cage and Danny Rand for protection.
Sanford Greene is sitting this one out, but Flaviano Armentaro’s artwork while feeling less fluid fits the book as well.

The Flintstones no.1 (2016)

I take everything backmi said about the Hanna-Barbera “relaunch”. This was amazing! Ok, it takes the franchise into a dark place, but back in the day Fred and Barney were advertising cigarettes, so it stays in line.
Evolution and how progress is driven by violence covered in a sheen of humor is the foundation this issue is built open at first glance, and at the end waits the other end of the spectrum, a gesture that is all to human and has been practiced by everybody through the ages in one form or another.

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comics [27/2016]

Blaue Pillen (Blue Pills) by Frederik Peeters

An autobiographical tale about life with HIV illustrated in a quick and feverish way. Aama already used a similar approach to convey its story about evolution, but here it helps to convey the underlying fear of loss that must be experienced by all parties in such circumstances. The perceived honesty further deepens the experience for the reader, giving us the chance to cheer and fear with the people we’re reading about.
At the end of the book, Frederik Peeters has a dialogue with a mammoth that suddenly appears on his way home. At the beginning of the sequence one could assume that it is just a weird exchange for the sake of art which so far has been avoided, but when it is revealed to be a moment of realization, even growth, it fits great as a point for leaving this part if Peeter’s life.

Empress no.3 (2016)

I wanted to don’t like this book because of Mark Millar and his recent tendency to write for the silver screen. There are still some kinks in this, but it follows the Millar formula to give a known thing a new spin. And Stuart Immonen is a beast on art. Not-Obi Wan/original draft Luke Skywalker which serves as the titular regality is a joy to behold.
I wonder where the story leads because it leaves a lot of corpses in its way. The chambermaids who dress the Empress in the first issue for example….

Manifest Destiny vol.2: Amphibia & Insecta

The expidition into the new frontier continues. The backgrounds and motivations of the crewmembers are explored and in the end upbringing, status and decisions don’t matter because the whole crew sits not only in the boat that carries them across the water, but ride the same one through life. Which is a fancy way to say, no matter how noble one might seem you can’t trust the person to do the right thing.
And i cheered when Lewis slaughtered the title giving amphibian due to a phobia of mine.

Future Quest no.2 (2016)
To sum the issue up in one word: Action! The stakes are set, the heroes seem to face a challenge they won’t overcome and Dr. Quest is a step behind FEAR, the evil organization who’s goal is to invite the big evil that killed the guardian corps Space Ghost was part of, to earth. I’m still digging the series. Story and artwork transport the reader back to the childhood days when the Hanna-Barbera cartoons made us shut up and listen/watch. Hopefully the artist and story changes for future issues don’t mean the numbers don’t add up….

Giant Days no.16 (2016)

Last issue wasn’t my cup of tea, but this one was great again. The energy levels are high, the humor is great and the cliffhanger the issue ends on makes me want to get the next one as soon as possible. I’m always amazed at how relatable the series is despite the overdrawn characters and situations.

Paper Girls no.7 (2016)

Things are moving at a glacial pace. But while it’s slow, it keeps tipping scales left and right. Despite the “modern enviroment” in which it is produced, it still reminds me of watching The Goonies, ET and other movies during my younger years.
This page i took a screenshot of made my eyes glaze over becauae visualizing ourselvea as kids and giving us a hug was a technique we learned in group therapy.
I’m afraid old Erin will die.

Black Science no.22 (2016)

It’s a less action filled issue, but despite the serious matter of Grant trying to attone for his shortcomings as a father, it has some fun moments.
The last dialogue broke my heart. But he has earned that kind of treatment.

Kaijumax season two no.3 (2016)

Three issues in, but the story already feels so dense. This issue flashes back to the past of high ranking officer of the Security Forces who is happening to inspect the prison while Chisato is trying to deal with the events from the last issue. The inspection also reveals why the world reacts so harsh towards the Kaijus, the story of betrayed trust.
It’s the little things like the entrance in the mech’s sleeve, or Jeong’s new armor, or the Rider 2 inspired police uniforms coupled with the serious storytelling that make me enjoy (almost) every issue of this series.

Like any of the titles i talked about? Don’t like them? Want to contribute? Please get into contact with me and share your view

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