vol 96

StarCraft Remastered hit the digital shelves last week; something i looked forward to since it was announced. Before Blizzard made the original game and it’s expansion, Brood War, available for free but not without having to let them put their foot into some of your computer’s ports through their BattleNet software who’s installation is a “necassary evil” to play the non-enhanced version.
Allow me to lead you down on a trip down my corner of memory lane; it was the spring of 1998 and all us video game enthusiasts were giddy to get our sticky little fingers onto a box of StarCraft. I was the first of the gang with the box in his hand and the first one to get rid of it. A local chain of small electronic stores had the policy to not give a second thought to release dates ans put up their stock as soon as the shipping boxes arrived; which sly, young me anticipated and used his lunch break to head to the next store.
Back in school of course i bragged with my acquisation and locked it with my backpack into one of the small cabinets we had in our classrooms, rather the classroom we occupied at that afternoon because we were a “nomad class” that got tutored in whatever classroom was free at that particular time. This afternoon however we had some work to finish in the electric laboratory in another wing of the building. i deemed my backpack with it’s precious cargo save in the locked cabinet.
Of course i was wrong.
The culprit had locked up the cabinet after the deed was done and i was lighter for a box of StarCraft, which led me to believe that he was a member of the 20 people that inshared the adternoon with and were aware of the location of the game. But 19 years have passed since then and i got a copy the next day nonetheless, perhaps made from the one i bought.
When i went through my video game collection i found three separate copy’s of StarCraft i bought over the last few years alongside Diablo and Warcraft II and III.
Now StarCraft itself was an amazing experience back then; it was the first real time strategy game at which i actually accomplished a thing or two as a single and a multiplayer. And at the time it felt like the closest thing we got to a Warhammer 40k video game at the time; years later Dawn Of War would scratch that itch with the needed gusto.
To be frank, as great as i remember the story of the game to be, the details escape me when i stick my hand in into the jello of my memory to grab them.
The remastered version does scratch the nostalgia itch and while i understand the general consens to be rather negative due to the missing implementation of modern compfort features, the desolated levels and the missing improvements to the pathfinding of the units. And i get that from a reviewers point of view; however that weren’t things i considered to be put in this version. The improved graphics being realized in the original engine is a thing i consider to be quite a feat, considering my limited sphere of knowledge, but zooming in and making woooh does get boringly repetative.
Nonetheless, good times replaying StarCraft.
But the reviews made me think about our expectations for things. Even if the game mechanics and functions would have been adjusted to a contemporary status my guess is that reviewers would have called out the way it tried to appeal to a modern audience. That is the point were at, one has to put his ear to the rails to make out the nuances, and even then it feels like there isn’t genuine joy anymore. Perhaps i’m listening on the wrong rails, perhaps the professionals are to deep in the loop, perhaps it’s just me.
And before i get into the whole “the artist should be allowed to fuck with his art retroactively” i close this volume.

Check out Star Wars Revisited to see what the Special Edition could have been (i’ll point you in the right direction if you want).

But now i’ll close it for real.

Thank You for your time!


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