Retropie update

I planned on writing about what i did with the Retropie but my head wasn’t in the (video) game.
So here is a short update.

I got the SFC30 controller from 8bitdo. But since the Bluetooth adapter that is integrated in the Rapsberry Pi3 freezes the system every time it looks for devices to connect. (sorry for the clutter and image quality)

8bitdo SFC30
Next thing i got was a screen to hook the Retropie up to.


My brother and i are currently looking to get a weekend off to spend on reliving our glorious Nintendo World Cup days.

That is a thing i experienced with a lot of people i talked about the project; a rekindling of the joy they experienced with these games.

Other things that need attendance are:

  • Hook up a USB soundcard since i currently can’t use a bluetooth speaker.
  • Get rid of the two power-supplies needed to power the Raspberry Pi and the monitor, and replace it with one that also features a USB charging port.
  • Building a case to mount the Raspberry Pi and a USB-hub to the backside of the monitor’s case.

If you have a tip or case idea or just want to talk about old video games and contact me at


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