Retropie Controller update

This controller from Buffalo arrived yesterday.
The form and colouring resembles those found on the original Famicon[1], the console that is the base for what became Nintendo’s NES in the west.

Here is it in its packaging. Like with the SNES controller, i dig the box.

Famicon Controller Boxed

And here it is by itself.

Famicon Controller Unboxed

A reviewer on a popular online shop wrote, that he almost cried when he took this controller into his hands for the first time; and i must admit that i can relate to that. While it did not manage to press tears out of me, it brought up the memories of me and my brother playing soccer games together. Good times.

This controller features four extra buttons, two above the regular ones als well as two shoulder buttons in the small frame that rounds around the case.
Since my Famicon/NES days, my hands grew a bit larger and playing isn’t as comfortable as i think i remember it.

Frankly, i’d rather have this version without the extra four buttons over this one.

If you’re not a slave of nostalgia as i am, stay with the SNES version of Buffalo’s controllers, i’ll probably present it on a shelf and moan about my brother and me selling of our Famicon to cheap.

I’ve got a 8bitdo controller on the way to take things to the wireless level.

[1] Gamekun has a list of differences between the Famicon and NES controller

Please share your experiences with the Retropie or classic games with me in the comments or via e-mail at

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