linked up vol.4

Friday, time to share some links. Some i do comment, some not. Some lead to german internet presences.

# Dwayne Johnson Will Star in a ‘Black Adam’ Standalone Movie (In Addition to ‘Shazam’)
As a fan of both charging headfirst into things and earth’s mightiest mortal i’m all for this. But again, Marvel/Disney took their time to built their cinematic universe and not two movies that weren’t universally liked.

# Fujifilm’s Medium Format GFX 50S to Ship in February for $6,500
I’ll probably never own one, but i remember when we got the 5DII that it was truly amazing to get a full-frame sensor for under 2k. Wonder if middle format will someday “replace” full-frame sensors in that regard.

# The Twists In ‘Split’ Are Desperate, Disgusting, And The Absolute Worst [Spoilers]
# ‘Split’ Ending: A Spoiler-Filled Discussion of M. Night Shyamalan’s Biggest Twist

# Former Vertigo Executive Editor Shelly Bond Returns With Femme Magnifique

# Lavabit comeback

# Manchester By The Sea – Le Füm Blog Kritik (german)
Mocht ma an murdsdrum Gusta drauf. Oasch das da Dark Neit net voakumma duad.

# „Conan der Barbar“ – Das politische Buch der Stunde (german)
A nice summarization of the life and works of Robert E. Howard.

# Star Wars Rebels Goes Back On Hiatus For A Month

# ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ is the Title of ‘Star Wars: Episode 8’

# How a Mathematician Created the Interstellar Travel in Arrival in One Night

# Abstract is a new Netflix series about design

# Godzilla Places 1974

# Boeing’s new spacesuit is far out

# How the Nintendo NES Zapper gun worked (and why it doesn’t on today’s TVs)


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