acquisitions [2/17]

New books! My reading stack is only thigh high at the moment, so let’s aim for the ceiling!

Godmakers by Frank Herbert was recommended to me because i enjoyed Dune[1] and it’s a used copy in very good condition that i got for two euros.

Rogue One – The Ultimate Visual Guide was a must buy. The one for Episode VII was hilarious and i’m looking forward to having a laugh. Furthermore i’d like to know more about the characters and take a look at the clothing and equipment.

[1] Somehow i can’t bring myself to read the follow up book ms altough i bought the digital versions for my Kindle.

3 thoughts on “acquisitions [2/17]”

    1. Thanks for your comment!
      Dune is amazing! currently has a reading + analysis weekly feature which still shows me new things after having read the book twice.
      The visual guide is great because they included the blueprints for the spaceships, which got their own book for Episode VII.

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