link up! [1/52]

Friday at midnight MET i share with you a few things from around the net i found out about in the last week.

# Deception Of A Generation
This explains so much. He-Man is responsible for

# Aquaman Stunt Director Unsure If There’s Water Scenes
Made me giggle. It’s just a thing to keep a feed alive, but imagine the stunt crew only getting told the working title and preparing for Arthur’s Tranquil Lighthouse.

# This Practical Demogorgon Effect From Stranger Things Is Haunting

# Ben Affleck Says His Batman Movie Isn’t A Definite Thing
Uhmmm. ? If that is some kind of reverse marketing thing i guess it’s working. At least with me. Has Jared the Prankster taken over the production of that movie?

# ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Is Coming To Blu-Ray, Putting The Disaster In High-Definition

# RIP Tyrus Wong, the man responsible for Bambi’s art style
Having watched the movie recently with younger members of the family we all agreed almost instantly as the credits were over that the visuals make this film.

# 20th years Diablo Anniversary retrospective

# PASSENGERS Kritik – Le Füm blog
I hob mi hoibat aubischt beim lesn. (from viennese: I nearly pissed meself laughing.)

# „Captain Marvel“ – Die deutsche Chronologie

# Bandai: Star Wars Rogue One K–2SO Model Kit Video Review and Quick Pics
I dig the design of almost everybody’s new favourite droid and i dig the Star Wars model kits that Bandai puts out, but it seems i lack the skill to clean up and paint the pieces. Applying decals looks like one of those home videos from a clip show….so i watch the coverage the of those kits by The Fwoosh with wonder and jealousy.

# DJI Has Acquired Hasselblad

# Using Humidification and Electrostatic Force in Digitizing Old Newspapers

# Watercooler won’t dispense until it finishes updating Windows

# VOTD: See How ‘Rogue One’ Brought Peter Cushing Back As Grand Moff Tarkin
Why didn’t they just use the actor? Yes, we need to use things to see where improvement is needed, but that was creepy and felt insulting coupled with the characterization.

# Scott Kurtz about Team Comics
I love comics, but to be honest, what i’m participating each week is a ritual prolonging the cycle until next wednesday.

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