link up! vol.52

# Ligo black hole echoes hint at general relativity breakdown
We’re all gonna die!

# Wonder Woman Dropped As UN Ambassador Within Two Months

# What If… Snagglepuss Was Tennessee Williams, In A New DC Comic?
That Hanna Barbera line up is getting better and better.

# Blade Runner 2049 teaser
Do Regarding Henry next.

# Denis Villeneuve in Early Talks to Direct ‘Dune’ Reboot

# First Amazon drone delivery

# Mark Millar — Mark Freaking Millar — Thought Captain America: Civil War Was Too “Bleak”

# Angriff der Lederhosenzombies -Lefümblog Kritik
One of the funniest things i read all year that i can only recommend to everybody capable of understand the viennese dialect.

# See 46 shots that were cut from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

# VOTD: Watch A Stress-Inducing ‘Saturday Night Live’ Set Change In Under Two Minutes
If your anxieties aren’t as servere as they used to be, watch a group of talented people dissasemble a stage in two minutes.

# Celebrate The Holidays With The Eye Of Sauron Yule Log

# Wrestling Legend Ric Flair Is Now A Cop

# Unseen64 takes a look into the Flash game that could have been

# Tatsuro Yamashita – Christmas Eve
Japans answer to Wham!’s Last Christmas (via

# Cinebook To Publish The Complete Valerian, Starting In 2017

# DC Movie Producer Admits No Backup Plan For Bad Projects

# China is on a massive bitcoin buying spree

# Photographer Spots an Uncontacted Tribe in the Amazon
It always amazing to see such photos, but i fear for the peace of these people.
Also, i wonder if generations down the line will find indigenous people stemming from former emplyees who got lost in country spanning Amazon warehouses.

#Good Smile Company: figma Kyukyoku!! Hentai Kamen
It’ll be a struggle to resist buying this figure.

# U.S. Now Asking Foreign Travelers for Instagram Usernames

# ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 3 Sneak Peek: The Duo Just Can’t Take Galactic Danger Anymore
NSFW! Move along kids, nothing to see here!

# Star Wars, but it gets faster every time a shot is fired
Star Wars in under a minute

# 10 reality-challenged ways that the EU’s departing internet commissioner tried to destroy the internet

Marvel’s Mantis 101 Is More Confusing Than Helpful


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