DOOM Resurrected

Noclip, who set out to make crowdfunded documentaries about video games, released a three part documentary about the Doom reboot from earlier this year.
In one and a half hour we learn about what Doom 4 could have looked like and what thoughts and considerations went into some of the decisions that shaped the game into the form the consumer experienced it.

It’s a well made look into the business of bringing a beloved IP back into the present.
Now i want to get the original Wolfenstein, the first two Doom games and Quake 4 out of the cupboard for a replay[1].

Just so you know, there is some content in there some people will find is offensive to their taste and is not suited for younger persons.

# part one
# part two
# part three

[1] And hunt down a Jaguar for the fun of it. I played Aliens vs. Predator on that. Was it good? I don’t know, i was pumped to have the opportunity to handle a next generation console (four generations ago).


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