Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer

So we finally get a trailer for Spider-Man’s semi solo movie anchored in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Looks neat. The usage of MGMT’s Time To Pretend in the “standard” trailer is fitting[1].
It’s good to see Peter have a friend his age who knows about his activities. Don’t know, it just makes the scenario feel less confined to just his headspace.
From his brief appearance i am voting for Michael Keaton to play Batman again. Good thing they gave the suit a helmet and those big fans. Feels like a home brewed variation of the Falcon backpack.
It’s good to see Happy Hogan again but i wonder how much Tony Star we’ll see in the finalized cut.
Let’s wait and see.

International trailer

[1] why did they cut the part about drugs and models? would have fit Tony Starks appearance


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