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You might have noticed, Steve Dillon passed away. Like with all celebrity deaths i can only say that my thoughts go out to the people left behind because all i knew of him was his work on Preacher and Hellblazer. Both titles brought me back into comics in the late nineties and i always appreciated that his figures weren’t beautiful, but rather real while maintaining an aura of having stepped off a roman or greek temple because to me, they felt like being carved out of stone.

Arte had a neat documentary about the history of prog-rock on last friday. Prog was something i had to claw my way into and craft the wiring in my brain to make sense of.
But that came with a lot of CDs and a few sunday afternoons spent lying on a sofa with headphones on. The joys of youth….

I’ll write about Doctor Strange next week. Certain people who could read this need to be kept in the dark about my opinion.

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# My Pet Monster!-Dinosaur Dracula
Never had one but always looked at one with glossy eyes back when our aunt would send us the Argos toy catalogue from britain.

# UK Govt. Will Address Music ‘Value Gap” as Part of Brexit

# Bucky O’Hare to Return Thanks to Boss Fight Studios
As much as i dug the show, another example of the state of “popular creativity”.

# Good Smile Company: figma Table Museum The Scream
I urge you to click this link because this is the most brilliant toy and the cause why Edvard Munch’s remains are trying to bash in their coffin’s lid.

# Rumor: Ben Affleck’s ‘The Batman’ Script Is a Mess and Warner Bros Doesn’t Care to Fix It
The rumor is interesting, but more interesting are the stories behind the superhero franchises because it feels like the the movies are becoming superfluous and the interesting stuff happens on tv. With Marvel at least, i have up on the DC shows.

Double feature:
# “If Film Rights Were Owned By Marvel, The X-Men Would Probably Still Be The Paramount Book In The Canon” – Chris Claremont Talks Shop At NYCC
# Yes, Marvel Are Paying Chris Claremont Not To Write Comics

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Heliocentric Bullshit-the blog

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Thank You for Your time!
Have a great week!

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The stress levels are low for the moment. Lots and lots of nightshifts are in my immediate future.
Started doing a german podcast. Nothings published yet but an introduction episode has been recorded and mastered. I’m waiting to grow the stones to post it.


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