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Sorry, only links this week, did not have the capacity to do more than that in my short breaks this week.

# Wonder Woman Sets Off UN Protest: “Comic Book Character Wearing What Looks Like A Playboy Bunny Outfit… A Toxic Message”
The biggest problem in some discussions is, that both sides have valid arguments. Can we go back to living in caves again? Oh, we are?

# Donald Glover Has Been Confirmed As Lando Calrissian In The Young Han Solo Movie
Uhm, why can’t we get a descendant of Lando in a solo movie sonwe can bring them over into the main movies if the opportunity presents itself? Donald Glover in Star Wars will surely be amazing to behold, but i’m generally against the Lando’s Day Off-iffication.

# ‘Informed Consent’ and Why it Doesn’t Work
as a sometimes street photographer this was highly interesting to read

# Finally The Last Guardian Has Gone Gold
i believe it when i see it with my own eyes

# kirbysvision: Two-page Kamandi spreads by Jack Kirby….
I wish no one but himself would have inked his work. But look at the scope of those. Again, not enough credit goes to this man but to the goblin who claims to have created all of this and now makes up superheroes based on football mascots.

# San Francisco’s 58-story “leaning tower” is sinking fast
Why the world looks like it does pt.10846

The owners of the multimillion-dollar apartments worry that they could lose their investments and their lives as there is no end to the subsidence in sight. The company that built the tower blames the city for pumping too much groundwater out of an adjacent building site for a transit hub, while residents point out that the building was sited on 60-90 foot pilings rather than the recommended 240 foot pilings down into the bedrock.

Millennium Partners, who built the tower, insist that everything is fine. Founding partner Chris Jeffries said, “We did this building the right way…The building is 100 percent safe.”

# ‘Knight Rider’ Digital Series Reboot Coming From ‘Fast and Furious’ Director Justin Lin

# Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’ Coming to Netflix in 2017; Five More Cast Members Announced
Because of the popularity of the character it is the next logical step to put the Punisher into his own series, but Frank Castle works better as a catalyst for another character than someone who carries his own series.

# Showrunner Bryan Fuller Leaves Star Trek: Discovery Weeks Before It Will Go Into Production
Is that the new mode for Fuller? Bad joke, i’m sorry, i’m just bummed about the news.

# Photographer Invites Black Metal Band to Join Romantic Engagement Shoot
# Uwe Boll Is Retiring From Filmmaking

# Tamashii Nations 2016 Day 1: Ultraman Reveals
love those designs
# Tamashii Nations 2016 Day 1: Shin Godzilla Reveals
SPOILERS IN THE LINK. Looking forward to seeing the movie someday. The deep affection i harbor for the redesign of the King Of Monsters makes me think about my emotional well being.
# Tamashii Nations 2016 Day 1: Kamen Rider Reveals
SIC Chaser looks great and sometime i have to get a figure of SkyRider.

# Westworld: Dr. Ford’s Gigantic World Sculpting Machine Is A Real Thing

# Marvel Unveils The Unbeatables, Four New Heroes To Fight Inflammatory Bowel Disease

# Our First Look At Garth Ennis And Mauricet’s Dastardly & Muttley, From MCM London Comic Con
That will be one hell of a pigeon. See the intro of the cartoon here.

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