Just a short disclaimer:
There is a big show i’m working on this and the next week and if you weren’t satisfied with the volumes preceding this one, i guess it won’t get any better because frankly i realized that i planned on writing one on the way to work yesterday.

We finally saw the live-action version of The Jungle Book which was surprisingly good. After a while the brain removes the layer of knowledge that only Mowgli and perhaps a few trees are real while everything else has been generated on a computer. Even if the movie wasn’t as enjoyable we still got the photos from the set that illustrate the long way computer generated tapestry has come.
I think that in the book Mowgli sends a few animals out to trample the village he later lives in because a jealous hunter gets him and his adoptive parents prosecuted for practicing sorcery. With the ending, it would be great to see how the rest of the Jungle Book gets interpreted. Wasn’t Kaa also an ally in one story?
Greatest thing about the movie is the credit scene with the animated dioramas.
And i want a talk show with Balu’s pals repeating each others sentences/words because that was the funniest bit for me.

Haven’t written about Luka Cage yet. Jones and Cage are what really make these Marvel shows shine. Daredevil was great but, but here we got a much more nuanced story that did not suffer a lack of action. I heard that the start was to slow for some people, i felt like they put a cinderblock onto the gas pedal and left it there.
What bothered me was the Rosario Dawson as a romantic interest part and that Cottonmouth was taken out to early because Diamondback was bland/formulaic in comparison.
Anybody else had the feeling that some special effects were timed/filmed a bit odd? If it’s the case, i wonder what was the intention behind it.
I don’t get the claims that the show is racist because it lacks white people and the white cop being a crook. Of course i was upset when this was revealed but i did not see it as a hidden message that all white people are.
And that makes me think about Iron Fist. But the people who worked on it hopefully did not make a show about a white guy being the best asian.

There is a scripted reality show about an animal clinic on german television. And of course there are segments where a patient gets euthanized. I don’t want to go into the rights of people being treated equally when it comes to ending a suffering person’s life, but rather the circumstances of the segment i saw.
While performing a surgery, the vet decides to call the dogs owner because even when he succeeds, the dog will be on his table in a few months again and the ailment won’t be any better than before the surgery. A small window of an almost pain free time could be achieved during recovering. So he calls the owner and she agrees. And during that phone call the veterinarian says “This is a good moment because he’s anesthetized and won’t feel anything.” That is were an alarm wen’t off inside my brain. A few months ago i saw an interview during a documentary about the history of surgery where when asked about the effects of anesthesia on the brain the doc said “We don’t know. All i know is that we numb the nervous system and most people don’t have any recollection or awareness of whatever went on while under anesthesia.” I don’t want to say that all doctors are liars but the vet could have said that it’s most likely that he won’t feel anything this time. Just a little thing that bothered me.
Perhaps because a dentist called me out for needing to shots because i was still in pain when he pulled at a wisdom tooth.


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