linked week 42

# These Audi R8 Photos Were Shot with a Model Car and Clever Angles

# Daniel Martin Diaz’s new art show inspired by science and magic opens in San Francisco tonight
Great images. But the prices for the prints and the lack of smaller prints take away some of the glory…..

# Lucasfilm Sues ‘Lightsaber Academy’ and ‘Jedi Club’ Over Trademark Infringement
Give it to them Mickey! I understand why someone is overprotective of his trademarks bit come one, it’s not like people will spend more money on a performance from a lightsaber school rather than a movie.

# Prince’s ashes rest in a 3D-printed urn shaped like his home
This is just stage one. Someday we’ll get an animatronic version that reads brainwaves from remains. Or a clone.

# James Robinson Reveals Secrets of Comics in Shocking Tell-All Interview
Robinson uttering some truth about the business.

# “Everything Is An Advert For Everything Else” – Tom Scioli Talks Transformers Vs. GI Joe And Young Animal’s Super Powers
One of ny favourite creative people talks about one of my favourite comics.


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