## make a man feel like nothing ##

Shoutout to my Dad! He is not only a beautiful individual but a magician who literally pulls people and knowledge out of hats thaat won’t fit another human being.

The cashier of the local supermarket mentioned that we have not seen each other for a long time. I told her i came by once or twice a week but that she wasn’t there and assumed that she was on vacation because the weather was still fine enough to spend some time outdoors. Turns out she was getting a medical check up on the status of her inoperable brain tumor. But she recommended a certain radiation treatment because it only leaves you dizzy for a couple of days. Her tumor hasn’t grown since.
Good news considering where the story started, but i’d rather hear a story about feasting on the solar radiation that manages to reach earth’s surface, specially with such a nice lady.

This week i assume i heard the remains of Alexandre Dumas bang against his coffin’s lid as the Count Of Monte Christo was introduced on the show Once Upon A Time. It’s one of the Wife and my guilt pleasure things. But i have to give them props for their Cinderella episode. They did not go all the way with it but it would have been interesting to see where a show were a Disney princess gets stabbed and dies because of it goes.

A german Rogue One commercial features a girl amongst two boys drawing some Star Wars themed images onto a blackboard and ending with the girl stepping forward to proclaim that she rebels, which made me smile. Yes, it is probably a marketing driven decision, but after the last year of getting certain products that were considered unisex releasing gender specific product lines it is a good thing that one of the biggest cash cows in this galaxy has a female face telling the viewer that she won’t have it anymore.

Saw a short documentary about illegal ivory gathering and how slowly but steadily the areas that the hunters used to kill elephants in are becoming safe zones again. It is sad that this progress is still tied to money[1], but seeing how the animals returned to the space they formerly inhabited is a nice thing to hear and see. A family who built their house on the grounds where a group of elephants used to dwell from time to time stopped putting chlorine in their pool because they would still come and hang out at the estate. In the process the pool became a spot for the group to gather water. The owner got into the ranger program and spends some of his free time on his porch waiting for an elephant to come by and take a sip from the pool. Guy’s face lights up and it seems he tries to suppress blinking to take the whole moment in.

[1] it was said that in those region people either live in nomadic tribal communities, become farmers, ivory hunters or now, rangers. of course we got presented with a former ivory hunter that realized how much pain he caused during his incarceration and joined the rangers, but he also stated that the job of a ranger was not less dangerous it just keeps one out of jail and his conscious clean.


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