linked [week 41]

#i rambled about the latest Rogue One trailer

# A new volume of Bird Boy has started.
Read the first two volumes in print and it is one of my favourite things i’ve read this year.

# Goldar Confirmed to be in Power Rangers Movie
We can all relax now.

# Keegan is an Online A.I. Photo Coach Who Critiques Your Photos
He liked one of my toy photos.

# NYCC 16: Marvel & Netflix: New ‘Iron Fist’ Teaser & Sigourney Weaver?
As pumped as i am for Iron Fist i’m not sure if i should feel ok with him fighting people native to the place and culture where he SHIT, HIS FIST IS GLOWING!

# Major Skull Island details & hidden messages discovered on Kong: Skull Island poster!
See, told you to keep those blacklight lamps around. But seriously, this is a neat idea.

# Watch spiderbots weave a hammock-like web

# Pregnant woman could be forced to show their passports to be allowed at hospitals
So, pregnancy tourism is a thing? Then let it be one. There is the small matter of an oath a doctor has to adhere to.

# Britain’s new plastic money so hi-tech it can play vinyl records

# This Cooled Nikon D5500a Chills the Sensor for Clearer Star Photos


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