[personal] vol.85

## crank it down to eleven ##

I dig this photo of Hasbro’s new Black Series Vader figure. He looks so proud that he got a new sculpt and is allowed to wear his toga above the armor again.

Luke Cage is…. i won’t write about it now because i still have to watch two episodes and i want to make sure to have seen it all before i state my opinion. I fear that the end might be to convenient, which would make me happy of course but would not fit the tone.

I feel fatigued. But not only is my body ready for recuperation, my love of comics needs it as well.
These days it feels like comics are about the buzz surrounding the topic instead of the actual product. Well, with the big three at least[1]. I browse through the solicitations and the issues and nothing grabs me anymore as it used to. There are good things out there, not only among the major players, but with all the independently funded comics competing for their share i start to feel like and ATM machine that is needed to pre-order around the clock so i can keep the business alive for a day more. My pull-list has been reduced and the printed things i get, that were usually read a weekend later now land on a shelf. I pick them up with excitement and put them back after a few pages because it felt like it took hours to read through the few panels.
Even talking about comics is hard. With all the hype surrounding certain titles, why even bother?And that is stupid because i finished a script for a podcast i planned to do because i can’t find a single german comic centric podcast that works for me.
Could this be it? The next big pause from comics if not the end of my collecting days?
[1] i count image among the major publishers

Starchildren are newborns who died shortly after being born and weigh under 500 gramms (around 1,012 pounds). Those kids did not get an entry into austria’s citizen registry. An attempt to change that, if the parents agree, is currently underway. A very sad reason for a poetic name and i was operating under the assumption that every kid born on austrian soil gets registered no matter the life span. Perhaps i’m inconsiderable, but i feel that’s the least we can do in some weird humanistic/philosophical way.

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Thank You for Your time!
Have a great week!

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got new medication prescribed to deal with my depression/personality disorder/ocd


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