[personal] vol.84

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i must admit i was lazy this week. The title of this volume is a testament to that. If you’r out of ideas, ask Pink Floyd for theirs. Usually i have the new volume written by wednesday. This week i wasn’t sure what i should write about. The plan was to do a thing about an issue of What If but i could not procure the issue in question digitally and my printed copy was one of the things that came apart over the years.

Don’t worry, it won’t be as Star Wars heavy as it might sound at the beginning
Friday was this years “Force/Rogue Friday” the official start-date for newly branded Star Wars merchandise, focusing on the next cinematic entry, Rogue One. Part of the event is that stores open their doors on midnight and hand out a few freebies[1].
Except for austria.
Last year i planned on taking the day off but decided against it in the end because i feared a co-worker would be buried under work. Later that day we drove to the local Toys R Us and i have to admit it was stocked fairly well. This year i took the morning off and stood in front of the ToysRUs ten minutes before they open.
Except for the Lego sets and a few cardboard K-2SO figures there was no product on the shelves. But for the K-2SO Lego figure i bought, i got a large poster[2].
When asking one of the store clerks about the midnight sale he told me that he would have worked for free and would have handled the whole store singlehandedly because he wanted to buy the stuff as early as possible. But austria is not the target market and working at such hours in the business is costly for the employer.
And here is where the meat of this volume lies: working conditions. Thursday brought an open union meeting with it, at which we were told that after having lost ~25% of our yearly payment in 2010 wasn’t enough. But that is not what i want to write about, rather that the equilibrium between employer and employee is broken. I was raised in a “union household” and i deeply believe in workers rights. The people who have the foresight and stubbornness to build a business should be rewarded accordingly, but workers should have rights too. And currently i feel like unions aren’t the right people to represent the working people. Of course the rules and regulations that are in place today are valuable assets in trying to keep the process “fair” but they also make it harder for everybody to actually do their job. Models and rules that have been agreed upon can’t keep up with modern society anymore. Times have gotten faster, jobs have changed and closing oneself off trying to suppress change with forced ignorance won’t do any good.
But i’m just a hurt blue collar worker who’s to stupid to build something that is his own.

[1] Star Wars themed bricks will be all the rage next year.
[2] the Wife wanted to look for new running shoes so i returned today (saturday) and claimed a few figures. thank you Wife!!

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Have a great week!

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