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# I Gave My 19-Month-Old Son My Old Canon G12: Here’s His POV
link via PetaPixel

# If you are in need of a Star Wars themed des organizer in the form of an AT-AT, Bandai has you covered. The cable management feature is the only redeeming thing.
link via /Film

# The Fwoosh takes a loot at Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Movie Doctor Strange and Karl Mordo figures. Benebatch’s face sculpt looks like a younger version of him with a sidecut. Probably the plastic rendition of this character i can afford compared to the Hot Toys version.
link via The Fwoosh

# Will Marvel’s Nightwatch Appear In Sony’s Spider-Man: Homecoming Movie? Did not read Nightwatch’s solo series, but when he appeared in Maximum Carnage he reminded me of Marvel’s version of Spawn. Guess it’s time to buy a Nightwatch no.1.
link via Bleeding Cool

# Lucasfilm Animation Makes Some Big Changes Behind the Scenes for ‘Star Wars Rebels’ & Beyond. Because it’s all about speculation these days.
link via /Film

# Olympus Says Earth’s Rotation Limits Image Stabilization to 6.5 Stops Max
link via PetaPixel

# Bandai: Larger Star Wars S.H. Figuarts Promo Pics. So i can see what i’m selling a kidney for.
link via The Fwoosh

# The Evolution of Godzilla
Beware! Spoilers for Godzilla Resurgence!
link via MyKaiju

# No Excuses: This Starlapse Was Shot in a Light Polluted Area with Cheap Gear.
link via PetaPixel

# x-men no.1 how you never experience it before. Seriously it’s hilarious.
link via Rootbeercomics

# Elon Musk SpaceX Mars Mission announcement.
link via The Verge

# Skeletons of roman soldiers of chinese descent discovered

# Roman Coins found in japanese castle

# That Which Might’ve Been – Mignola’s Take On Kirby’s Fourth World.

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