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Collecting is a thing that has been passed down to me by my Grandfather. He collected coins, stamps, newspapers, military regalia, Elastolin figuren[1] , beer mats, books and a slew of other things.
After he died, my Grandmother sold the various collections, and thus the veil was lifted from a fact that most hobbyists ignore: it is worth the most to the collector.
My Grandfather spent a lot of time talking about the monetary value of each of his collections. I liked to listen to him talk about it because it was not only about the money, he tried to teach me about the history of each of the things and through them talk about his life[2]. My best guess is that this is why some create, some collect, some aren’t interested in either and others do both, we like to tell stories. In those stories that we put on shelves, light in a pleasing manner, arrange, trade, hoard, photograph, use, play with or just carry around with us, we put in a piece of our innermost selves. But that also means growth, and a constantly growing collection can become a burden, not only for the collector but for the (significant) others in his life. And also for the collection itself if it keeps growing without proper curation.
I feel bad for taking up so much space in our flat, but frankly, i don’t see it. It became part of life and the selective blindness that comes with it.
That is why i have decided to give some of the stuff away for just the costs of getting it to the person who raised his hand first and whatever that person is willing to give further. Now i have to get myself to cataloging the items[3] and then put them online….

I wrote about it on my blog as well, which reads like one of those lifestyle/declutter/enlightenment-bullshit pieces, where someone tells you about the happiness gained by giving away the things you can easily buy with the cash you have one the side through whatever means once you need it again[4]. I’m deeply enamored by consumerism, so fear none of that from me.

[1] miniatures of native americans (or as we knew them indians), cowboys, knights as well as popular figures from those groups of people like Winnetou or Prince Valiant. look at a few of them here. we bought this one for a colleague who is a magician when it comes to wrangle cables into submission
[2] Of course i only heard half of it and now feel like an idiot for doing so.
[3] 4000 single issues of comics alone….
[4] of course there are exceptions, but i’ve encountered a lot of bullshit artists that preach fasting while feasting on others without their bullshit philosophy wouldn’t work out.

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the weakest link

#The Cybertronic Spree is a cover band made up of Transformers. Great cosplay and neat music. i’m obsessed. Their YouTube is a treasure trove.

#MyKaiju juxtaposed the lyrics from the soundtrack of he latest Toho helmed Godzilla movie, Shin Godzilla, with stills from the first Godzilla movie. Powerful stuff that reminds one that Godzilla originally was a story about more than just a giant monster but human nature and that when nature wants you gone, all you can do is tip your hat and leave.

#MyKaiju posted an article about what to expect and what not to expect of Toho’s latest movie in the series, Shin Godzilla.
I anticipated the movie to take Godzilla’s role back to being a manifestation of humanities struggle with nature and how we are building the engines of our own undoing with the best of intents. And how those intents have an effect on others.
I fear those efforts might be lost to a western audience once the movie is released in october.

#The Book About Everything – Reading Alan Moore’s Jerusalem
Haven’t even read through the first ten pages of Against The Day yet, so i guess there is no place for another book of similar size in my life.

#Kickstarting Lotus Dimension, a pacifist RPG
I’m all for peaceful co-existence, but please let my barbarian slay those goblins and feast on meat.

#Be Careful When You Take Off Your Doom Patrol #1 Taco
In case you want to keep the issue in good condition.

#Darkthrone Frontman accidentally elected to local town councilman.

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Heliocentric Bullshit-the blog

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Have a great week!

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After changing my phone’s battery without big problems i was sure the Wife’s personal media player would be an equally easy affair due to them being similarly constructed. But once we had pried it open, it became apparent that i was wrong.


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