[rambling] reaching a limit

Over the last twenty years i have built a large comic and toy collection. There are larger/better curated collections in the homes of other people, but collections are a mirror or extension of the collector and thus should be treated as “living things”, influenced by external circumstances. In the years i spent building my mirror/extension, i felt a certain joy with every piece that i added, and pride when i gazed upon the filled shelves.
But lately another feeling got added to it: doubt. Not about if i want to have all those things in my possession, but rather if i need them. I believe in getting superfluous things and enjoying them for what they are. And i believe there is a point at which the collector becomes superfluous because the focus shifted from curating to amassing. And while i’m also fine with wild growth in a collection, it also lifts the veil on something that is easily overlocked during the hunt: the spacial limitations.
A limit i passed so long ago, i can’t see it in the rearview mirror anymore.
So i looked through my comic and toy collection and decided to let things go.
I sold a few items, made some acquaintances along the way and gave some stuff away to people i knew would give the things the attention they deserved. The process hit a wall from one day to the other. The money i earned was good and helped me pay a few bills, but a business person wouldn’t consider it “worth the effort”.
I don’t believe in “collector prizes” but rather in “you ask/pay the price you feel it is worth” and i certainly don’t dream of a certain sum from all the stuff. Of course i could get a space at one of the local conventions or markets, but the prices for one metre of table space have increased since my childhood and i’m not a good salesman. Furthermore, there is something more important to me. It might sound odd, but i believe it is important that everything finds a place where it is appreciated. Every piece of a collection is a work of art, making a collection a personal kind of museum. And some museums ask a price of admission that you are willing to pay for their services which led me to the following train of thoughts:
Instead of selling, why not just make it available at the shipping costs and whatever the person is willing to give me for it? And if the person can’t/won’t give me anything, perhaps something comes up over time and a good word for me could be put out for me or it has something for me in return. A nice thought is enough.
Of course i could use some money, i’m not even sure how my professional life will look like in two weeks[1] but i also don’t want to drown in/feel like the collection is curating me, and if someone can use whatever i have to offer, the person can be my guest.

[1] to much and to depressing to explain, lets just say that my company stopped valuing the work we put into every project with money and a nice word from time to time and replaced it with a “why can’t you do that faster?”


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