[link] how they actually talked about comics in 1942

Bleeding Cool has summarized and article from The Atlantic written by Mr. Lovell Thompson about comics in 1942.
It’s a great read, foreshadowing what actually is on the shelves today while being less judgmental of the medium than anticipated and almost mirroring a statement that my Mother told one of my teachers who confiscated a Captain America trade i read during class and was a tad upset that i engage in such low forms of entertainment:
“None of the other kids pick up something printed with a smile, while he spends his afternoons with his nose in a comic. And when there aren’t new ones available, he tells
me about what he read, what he liked and disliked and then he starts reading it again. Even if its comics, at least he reads.”

A Good Child Will Select The Worst Comics” – How They Actually Talked About Comics In 1942

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