the Killing Joke?

Just read about the added content that has been inserted into the animated feature based on Alan Moore and Brian Bollands The Killing Joke.

After the Arkham Asylum/Suicide Squad themed animated feature i gave up on DC-Comics animated features[1]. I won’t watch this new one because the comic is already good and i have no desire to have my imagination replaced by a moving version that has been approved by Warner.

And while it might happen in a less ideal version of Batman, i consider intercourse between Batman and Batgirl to be a corroding factor in their relationship. I can understand two athletes who compete in a tournament and celebrate their victory with the consesual exchange of bodily fluids, but the “kids” are Bruce’s surrogate family and thus, it gives me the Breaking News-Keeping It In The Family vibe….

[1] ok, the “bad mirror universe” one was neat because it was about improvement instead of becoming darker and darker

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