[read] Normal pt.1 by Warren Ellis

via FSG originals

This week i read the first part of Warren Ellis new book, which is getting released in four parts weekly starting this week before going into print later this year, Normal.

The first thing i thought of was it being a Rosamunde Pilcher story for futurists.
Normal Head is a remote location where futurists who are burned out from abyss gazing are sent to recover.
After an episode at a conference, Adam Dearden is the latest addition to the patient roster. But only after a few hours after his introduction to what was planned as a protected journey back into his normal life, things are shaken up in a kafka-esque matter.

I mentioned the author of countless “romantic” stories in comparison with this story, because i am looking forward to reading the second part ver much (which will be available digitally on the 18th of july) and my Grandmother says every time after watching a tv adaption of Mrs. Pilcher’s stories that she is looking forward to the next one. And it is a fact that Mr. Ellis has a similar devoted following to his many works.

What i like most about Normal is the economical writing. Gun Machine felt like story twice it’s size, and Normal already does too.


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