comics 28/2016

Vision no.9 (2016)

Three more issues. This series needs a complete hardcover edition as soon as it’s over. But with all the character work being done so far, there is a fear that it might be rushed to its conclusion. Lets trust in Tom King shall we?
I never mentioned how Gabrial Hernandez Malta’s artwork while not being typically super-heroic delivers the atronger impact with the emotional beats.

Wrath Of The Eternal Warrior no.9 (2016)

What a fist pumper! Gilad is loose in the Sovereign’s Labirynth and boy, the Wrath is real.
I’ve read that some people are at odds with the pace, but seeing how this and the issue before it unfolded, i must see the pace was just right. The brutal imagery of Gilead’s many death and the struggle he undergoes to return to the world of the living put such a weight on the reader, that it is almost a relief to see him wreak havoc. Sadly, against some goons instead of the instigator of Gilad’s suffering.

Power Man and Iron Fist no.6 (2016)

This issue is the best thing that has so far come out of Civil War II. The reaction of the protagonists to the events unfolding mirrors that of many comic readers. But not enough to warrant Marvel overthink their publishing plan. But while they are brought up to speed on the events, former vilains are being targeted by a group of vigilantes and a group of reformed and acting baddies are hiring Luke Cage and Danny Rand for protection.
Sanford Greene is sitting this one out, but Flaviano Armentaro’s artwork while feeling less fluid fits the book as well.

The Flintstones no.1 (2016)

I take everything backmi said about the Hanna-Barbera “relaunch”. This was amazing! Ok, it takes the franchise into a dark place, but back in the day Fred and Barney were advertising cigarettes, so it stays in line.
Evolution and how progress is driven by violence covered in a sheen of humor is the foundation this issue is built open at first glance, and at the end waits the other end of the spectrum, a gesture that is all to human and has been practiced by everybody through the ages in one form or another.

photo copyrights lies with the respective owners, taken for review purposes


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