call me Wedge

A trailer for Star Wars: Rebels season 3 has been released.
It does the same thing like the season 2 trailer but without including Darth Vader, making one think “Please announce that it has has already been released for binge watching when the trailer ended.”

Seems like Sabine’s backstory might get flashed out a bit more and new Stormtrooper classes will be introduced (probably to get us in tune with Rogue One and it’s new designs). No idea where Kanan and Ezra will end up and how their struggle will impact the rebellion. And in all that we have Hera and Zeb, with the former one being not only a vital part of the rebellion but also the eye of the storm that is the crew of the Ghost and the later having gained a new insight into the people behind the uniforms that make up thr empire.

Interesting things that i caught on the first viewing besides the obvious new hair/clothing choices and Admiral Thrawn:

  • Seems like the Y-Wing will be this season’s new starship.
  • Young Wedge Antilles, Imperial Pilot.
  • In the first drafts of Star Wars, the Jedi Knights were called “Jedi Bendu”.

Are you as excited as i am? 


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