comics [27/2016]

Blaue Pillen (Blue Pills) by Frederik Peeters

An autobiographical tale about life with HIV illustrated in a quick and feverish way. Aama already used a similar approach to convey its story about evolution, but here it helps to convey the underlying fear of loss that must be experienced by all parties in such circumstances. The perceived honesty further deepens the experience for the reader, giving us the chance to cheer and fear with the people we’re reading about.
At the end of the book, Frederik Peeters has a dialogue with a mammoth that suddenly appears on his way home. At the beginning of the sequence one could assume that it is just a weird exchange for the sake of art which so far has been avoided, but when it is revealed to be a moment of realization, even growth, it fits great as a point for leaving this part if Peeter’s life.

Empress no.3 (2016)

I wanted to don’t like this book because of Mark Millar and his recent tendency to write for the silver screen. There are still some kinks in this, but it follows the Millar formula to give a known thing a new spin. And Stuart Immonen is a beast on art. Not-Obi Wan/original draft Luke Skywalker which serves as the titular regality is a joy to behold.
I wonder where the story leads because it leaves a lot of corpses in its way. The chambermaids who dress the Empress in the first issue for example….

Manifest Destiny vol.2: Amphibia & Insecta

The expidition into the new frontier continues. The backgrounds and motivations of the crewmembers are explored and in the end upbringing, status and decisions don’t matter because the whole crew sits not only in the boat that carries them across the water, but ride the same one through life. Which is a fancy way to say, no matter how noble one might seem you can’t trust the person to do the right thing.
And i cheered when Lewis slaughtered the title giving amphibian due to a phobia of mine.

Future Quest no.2 (2016)
To sum the issue up in one word: Action! The stakes are set, the heroes seem to face a challenge they won’t overcome and Dr. Quest is a step behind FEAR, the evil organization who’s goal is to invite the big evil that killed the guardian corps Space Ghost was part of, to earth. I’m still digging the series. Story and artwork transport the reader back to the childhood days when the Hanna-Barbera cartoons made us shut up and listen/watch. Hopefully the artist and story changes for future issues don’t mean the numbers don’t add up….

Giant Days no.16 (2016)

Last issue wasn’t my cup of tea, but this one was great again. The energy levels are high, the humor is great and the cliffhanger the issue ends on makes me want to get the next one as soon as possible. I’m always amazed at how relatable the series is despite the overdrawn characters and situations.

Paper Girls no.7 (2016)

Things are moving at a glacial pace. But while it’s slow, it keeps tipping scales left and right. Despite the “modern enviroment” in which it is produced, it still reminds me of watching The Goonies, ET and other movies during my younger years.
This page i took a screenshot of made my eyes glaze over becauae visualizing ourselvea as kids and giving us a hug was a technique we learned in group therapy.
I’m afraid old Erin will die.

Black Science no.22 (2016)

It’s a less action filled issue, but despite the serious matter of Grant trying to attone for his shortcomings as a father, it has some fun moments.
The last dialogue broke my heart. But he has earned that kind of treatment.

Kaijumax season two no.3 (2016)

Three issues in, but the story already feels so dense. This issue flashes back to the past of high ranking officer of the Security Forces who is happening to inspect the prison while Chisato is trying to deal with the events from the last issue. The inspection also reveals why the world reacts so harsh towards the Kaijus, the story of betrayed trust.
It’s the little things like the entrance in the mech’s sleeve, or Jeong’s new armor, or the Rider 2 inspired police uniforms coupled with the serious storytelling that make me enjoy (almost) every issue of this series.

Like any of the titles i talked about? Don’t like them? Want to contribute? Please get into contact with me and share your view

copyright lies with the respective owners, photos taken for review purposes


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